Cosby Mum on Allegations in Interview

On November 13th, a woman named Barbara Bowman came forward in an op-ed written in the Washington Post to address allegations that she had previously made about comedian Bill Cosby raping her 30 years ago. This weekend, Cosby appeared on National Public Radio with his wife to talk about artwork that they had loaned out to he Museum of African Art and when “Weekend Edition” host Scott Simon asked Cosby about the allegations, Cosby literally responded by not answering.


Simon pressed Cosby, explaining that fans and people who love Cosby would be anxious to hear him respond to the allegations, but Cosby would only shake his head to Simon, who relayed Cosby’s non-answer to the audience. The interview on NPR was not the first blowback that Cosby has faced in the face of the resurfaced allegations. Cosby cancelled a scheduled appearance on The Letterman Show for the upcoming week.


On Sunday, a day after Cosby’s interview on NPR aired, Cosby’s lawyer released a statement regarding the allegations, more or less explaining that Cosby will not dignify the merit of the charges by giving a response to them. Workers at CipherCloud are starting to look at the comedian a bit differently now. The allegations gained new legs last month when comedian Hannibal Buress addressed them in his stand-up routine.

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