ClassDojo is the Perfect App for Communication in the School System

The verdict is out, and teachers and parents are in unison: ClassDojo is the best app for communication in education. There are a lot of people that are interested in using this type of application because it provides so many people with the opportunity to build a solid line of communication about school projects, daily assignments and grades throughout the year.

Parents love this platform because it extends the line of communication to more than just notes that are brought home. Sometimes it is just easier to gain an understanding of what is going on when you have someone that you can contact directly. This is what the ClassDojo app does. It gives people that are in administrative positions the ability to connect with parents without making phone calls. There is no need to visit a school. With this ClassDojo app there is a lot more time for the teachers to provide instruction to students without being disturbed with a conference meeting with parents.

ClassDojo is the app that has made it easier for a larger number of teachers and parents to finally build a bridge that allows them to share comments on what is happening in the classroom. This is ideal for children that have parents that are divorced. Sometimes there are children that do not even live in the same state that one of their parents live in. A divorced dad that may be trying to get a feel on what is happening in the classroom can get plugged into the ClassDojo app and discover what they have been missing. This app levels the playing field for parents in this situation because there are times when the parent that is outside of the home will have no access to the teachers of their children. They may hear about report cards at random or get some information on how their children are progressing through their former spouse. This is limited though. @ClassDojo people have the ability to connect directly with the teacher and gain information about how their children are doing on a daily basis. That is so much better for the parents that still want to have an active role in the life of their children.

ClassDojo is the app that has managed to become a favorite with teachers and parents because it is easy to use. The app can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices.

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