Chris Burch’s Explains The Relationship Between Technology And Fashion

Technology and fashion have had a major influence on various aspects of human life. One of the good examples of this symbiotic relationship is the use of technology on different items. In history, technological advances have resulted in the development of many products that have revolutionized different industries. Societies that embraced technology in the earlier days wore better-designed clothes than those who had an inferior technology. However, with modernization, the technology and fashion gap has significantly reduced.

The boom box era makes an excellent example of the close relationship that subsists between technology and fashion. The dual deck cassette player became popular and fashionable in the 1970s. This technological advancement was accompanied by a radical change in fashion. Many young people purchased the product. They could be seen with them on the streets and in parks. The hype quickly seeped into the entertainment world where the music system made several appearances in movies. However, by the mid-80s, the more personalized Walkman from Sony became more fashionable. Many people bought the device as they considered it more modern compared to the boom box. Before long, the iPod replaced the Walkman.

In addition, designers have tried to marry technology and fashion. This effort can be seen in the works of Anouk Wipprecht. The fashion designer has been able to design dresses having innovative functionalities such as the drink-making dress and the self-painting dress.

The interactions between the two sectors have also seen different innovators design items that are intended to protect humans. Some of these products are Airbags of Cyclists and the Frontline Gloves. The former operates on the same technology used to manufacture airbags in cars. It is designed to inflate and cover the head of a cyclist in the case of a collision. This way, it protects the head from sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Designers have been working together to create products that are energy-efficient. Soledad Martin is working on an idea where shoes are able to convert kinetic energy as one is walking. This way, people will be able to charge their cell phones or mp3 players. Such products would solve the problem of having to carry the cumbersome battery banks.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The entrepreneur uses the company to invest in start-ups. He also provides them with advice on how to succeed in the market. With nearly 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Burch has helped more than 50 companies to operate as going concerns. He is also a fashion icon. Burch writes fashion articles for online platforms.