Charlie Sheen Rage Against Kim K

It looks as though there is beginning to be some beef between the celebrities Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian. Sheen made a post going off on Kim Kardashian after she reportedly refused to sign an autograph for a little 6 year old girl. The post went on to talk about her relevancy to the entertainment industry (how she became famous off of her tape and nothing else) while others like him have actually worked hard in movies and music to be where they are. He then talks about how her continuous flaunting of her buttocks fat is nothing to be proud of and is actually quite annoying. However he also apologized to her husband Kanye West by saying he feels sorry for him and that hopefully one day he realizes the mistake and can return back to his ideal image.

What Sheen has said is what many people like Ken Griffin, both in the entertainment industry and not have felt but coming from him it is a little out of line. However, if it is true Kim Kardashian refused to sign a girl’s autograph, that is pretty harsh as well. Even if she was busy she could have made time or gotten one of her assistants to hand it to the girl. She is famous because of her fans so she owes at least being respectful to them at the very least. Anyway, is this a new beef in Hollywood?

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