Charlamagne Tha God Response To Eminems New Album


It was one of this fine Friday’s when Charlamagne Tha God woke up to go and host his morning radio show known as ‘’The Breakfast Club.’’ His twitter notified him that Eminem has called him out on his new album ’’kamikaze.’’


On an interview with, Charlemagne says that he feels good when he gets immortalized on records. In that interview, Charlemagne is sharing what he thinks and feels about the Eminem’s new album.


First of all, Charlamagne thinks that Eminem does not feel and care about the LGBT community. He is even not afraid of offending them. Charlamagne adds that every person has a right to speech but they should not use that right to offend others.


He explains that Eminem is a great rapper. He thinks that Eminem is the greatest lyrics has ever met. He adds that he loves when white people are using privilege to combat prejudice. In the interview, he continues to say that he will never discredit Eminem’s message. But if the actual rhymes are just okay, then he will always call it out. According to Charmalagne Tha God, the character of white people using their privilege to combat prejudice is effective.


Charmalagne Tha God thinks that Eminem’s featuring political rants is his album was more organic as compared to the last year’s album. According to Charlemagne, Eminem is reflecting time. Being an artist he is talking about what is happening around the world. Currently, every artist is talking about the president of the United States of America, Trump and that is why Eminem is featuring Trump and the politics in general in his album. See This Page for related information.


In spite of the Eminem’s diss, Charlamagne Tha God likes the kamikaze album. He thinks that kamikaze is good as compared to Revival which was trash. This is the reason as to why Charlamagne does not understand why many people are thinking it is a hate when you critique some one’s work. Charmalagne believes that Eminem knew well that his Revival album was not good and that is why he had to come up with kamikaze to let people know that he is still a champion.


Charlamagne Tha God is a household name in entertainment. As one of the co-host’s of the hip-hop morning show, ‘The Breakfast Club,’ on iHeartRadio, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where he got the inspiration for his new book entitled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me.” The title comes from two hip-hop songs that speak out against being anxious and afraid, which is mostly what his second written work explains.