Charlamagne Tha God On Eminem’s Kamikaze

Charlamagne tha God, a.k.a. Lenard Larry McKelvey, is a co-host of The Breakfast Club, a hip-hop iHeart Radio Program. He is also a featured television personality at Viacom, and a co-host of the podcast Brilliant Idiots. His childhood in a small town in South Carolina has helped him raise national awareness related to hip-hop, race and politics. He wrote New York times bestseller’s Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It and Shook One.


Recently Charlamagne responded to Eminem”s surprise Kamikaze album, specifically one line from his track “The Ringer”. Charlamagne doesn’t consider Eminem to be dissing him, but Charlamagne the God acknowledges that this is Eminem’s way of fixing Eminem’s last “wack” album Revival, which he believes his rants are more organic on this album compared to his last. Tyler the Creator, another rapper, believes that another line in Eminem’s new album is a homophobic slur.


Although Charlamagne doesn’t take the line as seriously, believing everyone has freedom of speech , but that also means everyone has the freedom to be offended. Also Charlamagne just doesn’t believe Eminem cares about offending the LGBT community. Tyler the Creator addressed his bisexuality openly in his album and is offended by Eminem’s line. Charlamagne believes Eminem doesn’t understand that rather than just insulting Tyler the Creator, he’s throwing a shot at millions of gay people around the globe. Go Here for additional information.


One good thing Charlamagne Tha God thinks Eminem’s album is doing is using his white privilege to call out Trump and combat prejudice. Charlamagne Tha God believe’s that even Eminem knew that Revival was his best work and he released Kamikaze to prove to everyone he can still release good music, which is why Charlamagne is confused as to why everyone is critiquing Eminem’s work. Nevertheless despite all that Charlamagne believes, Eminem is still one of the greatest rappers of all time and will go down as a living legend.