An Overview of Jaime Garcia Dias Literature Career Development

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as CrunchBase shows. He hails from the family of a famous writer Arnaldo Dias and the architect Garcia Dulce Dias. His father was a renowned writer and journalist and was his greatest mentor. His mother was an experienced architect who changed the face of Rio de Janeiro to the current Capital. Jaime grew interest in literature since he was 15years old. He inherited much inspiration from his father’s works to write his first work when he was only 18years old. The book is titled the devil to pay in the backlands of gracility Ramos.

LinkedIn says that Jaime joined the University of Rio de Janeiro where he greatly advanced his passion for literature. James started his career as a teacher in the Carioca literature academy in 1993 and taught teenagers who had the passion for studying literature. Jaime became the vice president of the organization that managed and sponsored largest literature arts in Brazil. He was the founder of the efficient methods of study that designed and created the gym and dedicated the gym to promoting literature.

Jaime released over ten books in the world of literature when he still 30 years old, he also became a prolific online blogger. He won the prestigious white crane prize that is awarded to new contributors to the Brazilian literature. During this period, he published his famous novel called fell from heaven. The novel received high sales thought the South America and great writers from Argentine Joshua Gomez honored it in the Latinos encountered book in 2003

He became the president of the academy after contributing significantly to the growth of the institution. At the 100 anniversary of the college, or Jaime received the honor of being the academy’s president. He introduced the journalistic literature to the academic curriculum within the first three years of his presidency. The literature Academy has grown to become the world’s largest space for the Brazilian writers.

Jaime has over 20 books of published and more than five awards making him among the top Brazilian authors. Among the collection of his great literature arts are two ways, fell from heaven, clouds and tiny among others. He honored his father in 2013 through his literature works through the chronic scholarly publication. This publication is a Brazilian journal which invited Jaime to write for weekly literature notebook. He has therefore joined the great writers for the paper through his published article named chronicles that made me a man. By following his great father’s footsteps, Jaime has stood as an active writer and contributor to the Brazilian literature. He is among the few and elite writers to publish their articles in the journal. Jaime works is an enormous tribute to his father who mentored him to shine in the world of writers and journalists.