Adam Milstein, on the frontline of the war against antisemitism

As far as the human history dates back, the Jewish community has always been faced with vicious anti-Semitic attacks from all over. However, it has always been able to overcome these situations thanks to its exemplary leaders. For instance in his regular Jewish Post articles, Adam Milstein gives an account of how this community achieved great victory due to leaders such as Mordechai Anielewicz who led Israel in the war against the Nazis during the second world war, Colonel Mickey who left his country just to go help the Israelites in the same war and a few others who successfully led Israel out of murky waters thanks to their top-notch leadership abilities.

It is thanks to this that the renowned Israeli-American Philanthropist and real estate investor is optimistic that Israel has a bright future in America. Even though the anti-Semitic attitude towards the Jews seems to be on the rise again after years of successfully combating it, Adam Milstein still maintains his stand and believes that things will be better. He goes on to add that as he carries out his philanthropic responsibilities, he comes across myriads of young people with the potential of becoming tomorrow’s Jewish leaders who will help the community face what lies ahead.

According to him, the new generation of leaders is equipped with skills to handle whichever challenges come their way such as the recent campaigns known as boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) which aim at driving a wedge between Israel and the Jewish community in diaspora. However, he does not fail to acknowledge that this will come with a lot of hurdles such as becoming subject to ridicule, hatred and other vices due to the decisions they will have to make as leaders but is still certain that they will help change the negative perception by igniting the positive light for the Jewish community in America.

Who is Adam Milstein?

Milstein is an Israeli-American businessman known for championing the rights of the Jewish community in America. He is a strong and influential voice for this community and was even among the world’s 50 most influential Jews. He sits on the board of various pro-Israel bodies such as the Hasbara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network, and many others.

in a bid to help young Jewish students and professionals connect with their ancestry home, Adam Milstein and his wife Gina established the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation which organizes various activities and programs to achieve its objectives. For instance, the foundation once held a Jewish meme challenge which attracted thousands of Jews and brought together creative minds from all parts of the world. Besides being an activist, Adam has a successful real estate career and works at Hager Pacific as the managing partner. During his free time, Adam writes on various matters affecting this community and posts his articles on the Jewish post.

Michel Terpins, a Successful Rally Driver in Brazil

Michel Terpins is a famous safari rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over time, he has earned titles for impeccable his performance in rallying competitions. Michel Terpins inherited his desires for sports from his father, Jack Terpins, who was a basketball player. He began his career with motorcycle races before teaming up with his older brother Rodrigo Terpins in car rallies in 2015. The love for sports has left him with numerous podiums and excellent titles in the Brazilian sports world.

The Terpins brothers participated in the recently concluded Sertoes Rally 22nd edition aboard their powerful car, T-Rex. They finished 7th in the Prototype T1 category citing their average performance to unexpected and harsh terrains. Nonetheless, they took the challenge in the Sertoes Rally 24th edition, which they finished 5th in the overall competition. At the 24th edition of Sertoes Rally, the duo was more experienced and cautious and emerged victorious in several stages of the race. Having honed their skills, the Terpins hopes to prove their prowess in the upcoming edition of Sertoes Rally. It creates an opportunity for them to experience the harsh and most extensive off-road terrain in Sertoes Rally championship. They will cover a distance of approximately 3,000km.

The talented rally driver began his career with motorcycle in 2002. Over time, he upgraded to car rallies where he met his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins. He currently races aboard his T-Rex, which is a hi-tech modern model machine. His powerful car uses a V8 engine, which makes it fit and favorable for harsh conditions. It also has additional components that are rarely compromised by rough courses. Even though his car emits carbon dioxide, Michel Terpins has embarked on an initiative to plant trees to preserve the Atlantic environment and install a carbon-free seal to his car to reduce environmental pollution. Michel and Rodrigo Terpins have worked as a team to reach their goals in car rallies. Their powerful machine, T-Rex, was invented by MEM Motorsport and has helped them to win numerous competition including the Mitsubishi cup and the Brazilian off-road rally championships.