William Saito: Insatiable Innovator

The esteemed William Saito was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA during the height of America’s economic boom in industrial markets and the birthing pangs of what would become the information age. Always an adventurous thinker, he helped his father’s colleagues resolve a computer programming issue while still in junior high. By the time he had finished his undergraduate studies, he’d founded and managed his own technology firm, I/O Software, Inc. in 1991. He later negotiated with the global magnet Microsoft as a business partner for his software developments, online security innovations and other digital functions. He later sold this business to Microsoft for an undisclosed sum.


William Saito has held and continues to thrive in prestigious functions regarding digital communications. He moved to Japan to assist Prime Minister Abe with cyber security concerns and functioned in that capacity for over four years. He has provided consultation services to institutions, establishments and projects such as Japan’s Ministry Of Education, Japan Airlines and the 2020 Paralympics. Some of his other career distinctions include “100 Most Influential People For Japan” as declared by the world renowned Nikkei and “1998 Entrepreneur Of The Year” by all three master analysts USA Today, Ernst & Young and NASDAQ. Currently, William Saito continues to lead two of his other founding firms Palo Alto Networks which is a comprehensive cyber security establishment and InteCur. He also continues to serve as advisor on many boards including the Global Shapers Foundation and Young Global Leader.


Through his company InteCur, William Saito quenches his thirst for helping others plan and realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. You can find many of his advisements within the pages of his popular publications “The Team: Solving The Biggest Problem In Japan” and his 2011 autobiography “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur.” A recent read that he’s found inspiring is Max Tegmark’s “Life 3.0: Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence.” Two key information nuggets that William Saito cheerfully passes on to his protoges are 1 / live on purpose to keep your physical and physiological self well and 2/ seek after failure. William Saito submits that if you are not failing in some area of your business pursuits, then you are not stretching yourself to your maximum potential. That’s a required move beyond yoga.