Talk Fusion Is Top in Video Communications with High-Quality Technology Worldwide

You’ll find most tech companies in California or Arizona, but Bob Reina, who founded Talk Fusion 10 years ago, is more than happy to stay in the Bradenton/Tampa area where he has lived for over 20 years.


Reina founded the video communication company, and as he said in a local news interview, he will keep Talk Fusion right here. Previously, he was working in law enforcement, but in 2004 all that changed.


While on vacation, he tried to email a video, but couldn’t find a company that could handle it. He knew right away that video email was the direction for communication and his tech-savvy friend could develop a way to send it. The two worked and experimented, and in 2007 Reina introduced Video Email to the public. It was an instant success, and within a year this high-quality tech video communication had been accepted around the world. Talk Fusion was born and became an instant international success.


Today, less than a decade later, Talk Fusion is at the top of the video communication industry. The complete video package is called the All-in-One Solutions, and it includes the Video Email, Video Chat. Live Messaging, an analytic system for your company and more. This year, Video Chat received its second International award as Talk Fusion has upgraded its already spectacular performance.


Reina often says, “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he takes this to the limit both inside the company and in the community. Bob developed a plan to inspire t non-profit organizations and also to create a sense of ownership within his staff. Reina gives one complete All-in-One Solutions package for each employee to give to the non-profit of their choice. There are no strings attached, Reina simply wants to lead his team with the feeling of giving.


To the community, he reaches out in many ways. Some of those include a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to build a shelter, and he also donates to an orphanage in Indonesia regularly. These are only a few ways Bob Reina pays it forward.

The Launch of WebRTC Recorder by Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion which is one of the global leaders in video marketing finally launched its Web RTC on Friday, May 2016. Talk Fusion has always been dedicated to aiding the growth of businesses through video tech and also changing lives since its establishment in 2007. Its products are marketed in a face to face manner by its associates in over 140 nations. Among its greatest innovation is the instant pay compensation plan among others.

The new WebRTC, which is the newest of their innovation, offers businesses a faster way for them to impress and reach their customers more easily. This browser based real time communication technology enables the users to record videos in the highest quality for emails and videos newsletters through Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Among the many benefits of the technology is the instant recording capability, seamless synchronization, and faster playback. This leads to effective crystal clear communication from one device to another. This device is a testament to Talk Fusion commitment to utilizing the power offered by WebRTC technology to better how businesses and individuals interact. This effort has been recognized as earlier in the year; Talk Fusion got an award on WebRTC Product of the Year 2016 for its Video Chat.

For Talk Fusion customers who use Chrome or Firefox browsers have already accessed many of the benefits that come with the WebRTC but can still use the new features. To do this, they only need to choose Video Email or Video Newsletter, which are on Talk Fusion dashboard and then click webcam recording option.

The company has offered a 30-day trial to businesses and individuals who are interested in experiencing this new technology. This will only require them to sign up on Talk Fusion website for free. The launch of this recorder is a step towards the right direction and in furtherance of Talk, Fusion dedication to stand out from their competition, boost sales and profits and establish a loyal customer base.