Words Of Wisdom In Business From Serial Entrepreneur Josh Verne

Businessman Josh Verne made an appearance on the Knowledge for Men podcast show. This show hosts successful businessman who have launched their own businesses. During the interview, Josh Verne was asked about what made him successful and what tips he could give to other men looking to break through in business.


One of the biggest takeaways from the interview is that Josh Verne said that he wished he would have paid greater attention to the advice of those around him much sooner. It is too easy to ignore or dismiss the advice of subordinates or colleagues. This is especially true when you are the boss and people work for you says Josh Verne.


Paying attention to what others say can teach you a lot on how you can improve your business or product. It can also give you new insight into how you run your business that you may have never noticed before. A quote that Josh Verne threw out during the interview is that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It is so you can listen more than you talk. By following this “saying” you will learn a lot and realize a lot of new things.


Josh Verne also said to to be a truly successful leader instead of just a boss is that you must treat your employees with respect and earn their trust and respect. A boss commands and people listen to him because of their rank. A leader on the other hand is listened to because he or she values the opinion of those beneath them as well as their colleagues. By being a leader and team player you will be much more productive than if you were just a boss who sits in his office all day.


Josh Verne is a businessman who resides in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is married, has kids and says that spending time with his family is one of the most important things any father can do. His businesses include FlockU, a website that allows college students to share news, tips and help each other through the web.


Mr. Verne is also involved in the furniture business. He has warehouses that supply retailers in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. Josh has also helped launch Work Pays Me, a financial payment company that helps employees receive pay directly.


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Adam Sender – From Fund Manager to Art Collector

People of wealth collect art for various reasons. Some see it as a hedge against economic downturn. They buy art as an investment rather that as objects of genius and beauty to display on their walls. These art collectors stick to the proven artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, and Gauguin whose limited works continue to appreciate in value regardless of the economy.

Other wealthy art collectors add to their collections simply because they appreciate the works of beauty. Pride of ownership, a desire to gather a noted collection for others to see and enjoy, and yes, ego, all are motives that drive these discerning collectors.
Then there is the art collector like Adam Sender. Over the past two decades, this highly successful fund manager has accumulated a collection of 1,000 pieces of art with an estimated value of over $100 million dollars. Sender’s strategy in collecting art came from his uncanny ability to recognize the potential value of companies and stocks. He approaches art collecting in much the same way.

You won’t find any of the grand masters in his collection. Sender prides himself in being able to recognize the potential of modern, working artists and purchase their works at low, beginning-artists prices in hopes their value will spiral upwards as the artist gains fame and followers.

For instance, he recognized the talent of a young artist names Cindy Sherman. He purchased one of her paintings for $100,000. It is now worth close to $4,000,000.
Sender was able to get other works from such artists as Richard Prince and Martin Kippenberger at bargain basement prices because he recognized their value long before the general market did.

Sender (Instagram)
is also noted for including many works of art by female artists such as the aforementioned Cindy Sherman. He calls these works by women hidden jewels of the art world.
He is also unusual as an art collector because he loves to share his work with others. Sender gladly loans his pieces to art museums and special exhibits. While many in the high stakes art collecting world tend to keep their works private and out of the public view, Sender relishes in letting outsiders view his works. He says letting others see his collection for the first reminds him of the thrill he got when he saw these pieces for the first time himself.

Sender has also proven to be a savvy seller when it came time to reduce the size of his collection. In 2006, he netted nearly $20 million on 40pieces sold at auction. Seeking to liquidate his art positions even further, he has recently engaged Sotheby’s auction house to move another 400 works by 139 artists over a period of 18 months.

Great Brazilian Authors, Then and Now

Brazil has had numerous great writers but was not looked upon as a literary powerhouse because many of its inhabitants were illiterate. Modern times with better education and world wide access to the internet are changing that landscape. The following is only a snippet of authors who have and do impact the literary world from Brazil.

One famous Brazilian self-described story teller is Jorge Amado. His internationally bestselling books reflected Brazilian culture, focusing on inequalities among race and class. He was never averse to controversy but as he aged his writing took on a more humorous angle away from the earlier ideology. His books became transcribed into tv shows, operas and plays. Because of this he was originally snubbed by academics but loved by the populous. Amado died in 2001 and in 2012, Brazil celebrated his 100th birthday.

The best-selling Brazilian novelist of all time is Paulo Coelho. He first started out as a musician and songwriter but then went on to fulfill his dream of writing. His masterpiece The Alchemist, is considered a modern classic and is the most translated book of a living author. Still a vigorous writer his fan following can follow his daily blogs. He is the writer with the largest online community.

Bernardo Carvalho is a newer name in Brazilian literature. He like many others he began as a journalist. He worked in both Paris and New York and these experiences found their way into his narratives. He blends the different cultures and cultural reactions together. In his novel Nine Nights he weaves a backdrop describing the enormous changes in Brazil’s interior and the impact suffered by its natives while telling the tale of an American who kills himself and leaves seven letters as to why he did it.

An even newer name is Jamie Garcia Dias. He followed in his father’s footsteps as a writer and has spent time as a journalist. He has published twenty books, five of which have won awards. He has held prestigious positions in Brazilian literary organizations. With this, he is becoming one of the leading writers in Brazilian fiction literature. His major award winning novel Fell from Heaven has sold throughout all of South America. If this trend continues, Jamie Garcia Dias will most likely be familiar in North America soon.