Vinod Gupta’s Involvement With The Spread Of Education In India

India is coming a long ways from the place it was when Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for its independence and bright national future. One man who’s helping make it into a place where young people’s education can thrive is Vinod Gupta, a managing partner of the Everest Group and a pioneer of information marketing. Gupta has helped small villages and remote areas come out of the dark ages and establish new schools and libraries. The village he grew up in even has a women’s polytechnic institute now. Gupta has also given to American education and health foundations, and at one point he was a top consideration for ambassador to Fiji.

Vinod Gupta was CEO for over 30 years, though it started out as American Business Lists when he first founded it. He had come all the way from a remote village in northern India and a background of poverty to completing a master’s degree and working at Commodore Corporation, a mobile home manufacturer and supplier. His business idea started when he needed to buy yellow page phone books to look up mobile home dealers around the nation, and he realized he could use all kinds of business information as a middleman business-to-business firm. That’s when American Business Lists started with $100 and mailing lists, and gradually Gupta brought in many clients.

Vinod Gupta turned ABL into a company with holdings in marketing research and data analytics companies, and that prompted him to rebrand the company to InfoUSA later on since it now had additional resources. Vinod Gupta and his team grew from just a few employees to several hundred and the company’s operations modernized into computer databases over the years. Eventually Gupta decided to sell it to a large corporation for over $600 million. He still invests in other business data companies as managing partner of the Everest Group.

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PSI-Pay Alternative Banking With Superior Currency Exchange

Who Is The PSI-Pay Group


The proud PSI-Pay Ltd. Group is an alternative banking solution that exchanges 44 forms of currency in over 173 countries. They suggest that your big business should include a sound financial plan. A business plan is important to securing funding and PSI is prepared to help you make sound financial decisions. You can follow their comprehensive financial plan for your personal or business finances. They will create your plan to help you build the prospects of wealth. They’re there to support your financial plans for your start-up. Learn more about PSI today.


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There are thousands of reasons to choose the PSI-Pay alternative financial services for your currency. Their hyperactive technology gives them a fine outline of your finances to build your business plan. They’re team of customer service professionals are highly trained and qualified in business corporation and independent finances. Their responsive team of professionals are prepared to set your financial plan right away. Thousands of customers have been able to change the way they accumulate their business wealth by joining the strong PSI-Pay leaders. Visit the PSI page for more details on their features and services today.


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The PSI alternative financial group offers you a superior form of alternative currency exchange for your business that accepts money from around the world. Their unique technology keeps your finances in order. You don’t have to worry about being on your own with the popular financial designed used by PSI. Furthermore, they provide their clients with a finance plan that is put together with their customers in mind. Get the most out of an alternative financial group that offers the popular MasterCard. You’re invited to visit the popular PSI-Pay website for more details on their alternative currency institute today.


Clay Hutson is a well-known name in the music industry, especially in live performances. He is a man of many hats such as sound engineer, tour producer, tour rigger, music producer, stage manager, logistics manager and many others based in Nashville. He has a great passion for his work and whenever he is given a chance in a music concert, he produces only the best.


Recently, he joined Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their second leg of a world tour dubbed soul2soul. This is after their first leg that took place between April and December 2017. The first leg had over 70 sold out concerts of live performances, and due to its demand, they decided to go for a second leg. Clay Hutson is at the helm of this tour that is scheduled to start on 31st May in Richmond, Virginia.


The opening concert for the second leg is expected to feature artists such as Brothers Osborne, Seth Ennis, Devin Dawson, Margo Price and many others. Clay Hutson is excited to be part of this second leg. He has previously worked with Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses and P!nk. In the more than 20 years he has been in the industry, he has helped musicians with excellent sound engineering, managing stages, and the whole production process during the tours. He has traveled to Europe, North America and Australia providing excellent sound systems to his clients.


Clay Hutson started out as a sound engineer for Bill Graham and took part in many tours. It was while he was there that he realized his love for rock and roll and decided to engage in music on a full-time basis. His passion is to produce the most entertaining shows for his clients during their live concerts. He loves being referred to as the most hardworking individual in the teams that he works with during live performances. He also loves appreciation by artists after live concerts knowing that his reputation is growing and his business getting better with each endeavor.

For any musician who would love to engage Clay Hutson, they need not worry as his budget is friendly. He gives room for negotiation leaving both parties satisfied with the conclusion. His performance cannot be doubted as has worked with DiGiCo. Together, they have engaged some of the most renowned musicians in the world raising the bar even higher for those who want to join the industry. Learn more:

The Unstoppable Dr. Akhail Reddy – Dental Care Crusader

Dr. Akhil Reddy is an accomplished dental practitioner and innovative entrepreneur. Currently residing in the great state of Texas, the state where he was born, Dr. Reddy always knew what he wanted to do. He was accepted at the respected University of the Pacific Accelerated Dental Program earning his B.S. degree. Later he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from above university and Arthur A. Degoni School of Dentistry based in San Francisco, CA. After receiving his Doctorate at the young age of 23, Dr. Reddy moved home to Texas to begin his career, opening a practice there. Today, Dr. Reddy is one of the prominent doctors at MB2 Dental.

It is evident that Dr. Reddy has compassion for people unable to afford or obtain dental care. He works tirelessly to increase the options for this sometimes forgotten dental patient group. This is the main premise behind his business that mentors and educates other dental care providers. Dr. Reddy is helping to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has access to affordable, high-quality dental care. Dr. Reddy combines his extensive technological knowledge with his dental background to further the above cause, while striving to create higher dental standard of care practices.

This busy doctor finds time to enjoy his hobbies. He is very active, enjoys concerts and fine wine. Dr. Reddy likes to consider himself a bit of a wine connoisseur. He loves to scout out excellent wines on a budget. People can read his article in The French Tribune, detailing his budget-friendly wine recommendations. As a rule, Dr. Reddy advises wine lovers to consider French wines as they tend to have more flavor and wonderful notes of intriguing accents. When he is not busy with his many work ventures, Dr. Reddy spends time with his fiancee.

This enterprising dentist has written several books. He is also quite the fashion adviser. Check out his recent article in The Bro Talk. Here is a refreshing how-to article regarding proper dress to be worn underneath the standard practice white lab coat. He has examples with photos for a number of appropriate menswear ensembles. Guys can pick a dressy look, or opt for a casual vibe. It is definitely a unique twist on lab coat undergarments. This is clearly a service for those docs that come to the office looking like their clothing came from a drunk hobo’s collection. Dr. Reddy rocks.

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Are Campaigning For Awareness Of Prostate Cancer

More men are affected by prostate cancer more than any other type. To increase public awareness the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association. They are offering screenings and providing an education on prostate cancer. The program begins on September 1st and continues through October 15th. The program is intended for men age forty and above. All men who have met the eligibility requirements can receive a free screening at any of the 1,750 LabCorp locations in the United States. There are 2,000 free screenings available after which a special price of $25 is offered for six months after the sign-up date.

Out of every seven men one will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer within their life. According to the American Cancer Society, 161,360 men will receive this as a new diagnosis in 2017. Men at a high-risk should be screened when they reach the age of forty. Although African-American men are seventy percent more likely to be diagnosed, family history and race are also factors. The campaign is being called the Prostate Pep Talk and legendary coaches of the NFL are featured. Head coaches Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, and Herm Edwards are making men aware of the risks of prostate cancer and encouraging screenings. Since September is the awareness month regarding prostate cancer the announcements will commence during this time.

The event begins with a press conference scheduled on August 30th in New Jersey. Herm Edwards and Beasley Reece will be featured along with NFL players from the past including Jon Runyan and Mike Quick. Gary M. Huff of LabCorp and Sean Cavanaugh M.D. will also be in attendance. All the campaign events are in conjunction with the Cancer Centers of America. Although an elevated PSA is not conclusive of prostate cancer any range outside of normal should be checked by a physician.

Honey Birdette’s Amazing Path to Success

Honey Birdette is an amazing brand that is getting the recognition it deserves. Eloise Monaghan holds the position of the managing director of the business. Since 2006 Eloise has worked Honey Birdette to the successful retail business, it holds now. For ten years she has worked with patience and persistence waiting on the day, Honey Birdette will go beyond to retail. The whole idea is to create women empowerment by giving them the chance to embrace their sexuality. The brand’s sales have been growing, and recently Eloise launched a US e-commerce site. Eloise also announced that the lingerie brand Honey Birdette’s next plans would be to move from three stores to an even higher number. Honey Birdette would have 40 stores in the UK by the time 2018 ends.

Honey Birdette which was started in Brisbane decided to launch the site when their sales went up in the US. The online sales they got from the US were estimated to a 374% increase over the past year. The US site is a podium where customers can get to know more about the brand itself. The customers can also feel the experience from Honey Birdette and where they can order the products.

Eloise stated that the site would enhance the delivery for the people in the US. Eloise saw this as an opportunity to expand her brand and also to serve her customers. Eloise is bringing a wider range of the Honey Birdette product to the customers in the US as she works on improving her UK sales. Honey Birdette has great lingerie, and this is why it is gaining popularity in the US. Eloise made it clear that the brand already has plans with the UK. New openings in places like Leeds, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford and others in the UK will expand Honey Birdette. Eloise wants a larger market particularly in Europe because she has already created a huge market in Australia with 55 stores in place.

Find more “Honey’s” on Instagram @honeybirdette

Things you Need to Know About James Dondero

James Dondero has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship and launched some ventures that have currently own into prestigious investments. The highly skilled entrepreneur started his career in 1984, at Morgan Guaranty training program where he served as the program analyst. Before joining the American Express as a corporate Bond Analysis, James completed his studies at the University of Virginia McIntire where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He has worked In a significant number of firms through which he served various management roles that equipped him with excellent leadership skills.

James has vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has a broad knowledge of the credit and equity market. His current venture is profoundly based on the two genres and offers capital solutions to a wide range of customers in the market. Being the co-founder as well as the president of Highland Capital management, James has seen a significant number of individuals upgrade their living standards through the various financial solutions that firm offers. Highland capital has a vast number of affiliates including NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Residential trust, among others. The firm also has massive amounts of assets amounting to over fourteen billion and has acquired a vast number of customers over the past years.

In addition to that, James has a caring attitude and has been involved in a significant number of charitable events through which he contributed towards improving the welfare of the disadvantaged individuals in the society. Education is freedom, and George W Bush presidential library and institute are among the major charitable organizations that James has funded to ensure that they improvise as well as upgrade the education system. Due to the commitment of James towards education and improving the living standards of every individual, he has also contributed a significant amount of funds to nonprofit organizations and schools to ensure that every child acquires education. James generous nature has also seen him donate an enormous amount of cash to aid in the building of a large square foot area at the Dallas Zoo to enable people to have a clear view of hippos, which he also contributed to their come back at the zoo.


The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a name that should ring a bell whenever you think of rock legends in Brazil. However, very few people are familiar with this rock star partly because his career was short-lived, and partly because they know him with regards to the financial industry. Read on to go down memory lane and briefly review the musical career of Cassio Audi.

How Did Cassio Audi Enter the Music Industry?

In 1985, Cassio Audi got his first break when he and his friends formed a team of aspiring musicians. The team included Yves, Machado, Felipe, Pit, and Cassio. The group came together to form the “Viper Rock Music Band”. The main inspiration for the band of lads was Iron Maid, a British rock band. Apart from drumming, Cassio was a marketer and composer for the band. He ensured the band got the best publicity across America. His consistency and commitment was instrumental in the launch of their first album, “The Killer Sword”. As a demo, the tune was impressive and caught the attention of many rock fans in Brazil. The band later improved on their album to form a better version in 1987.

A few years later, after performing in several shows in Brazil and internationally, Cassio improved his skills as a drummer, a success that enabled him gain more fans and foes. Though the band was heavily criticized for being old fashioned and for lacking the tenacity that other rock bands possessed, this did not stop them. Moreover, an analysis of the group concluded that it was gifted considering that English was not a native language of the group. By the time Cassio was leaving the band, they had already released another album known as the “Soldiers of Sunset”. Cassio left the band and went to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration which enabled him venture into the world of finance.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Highland Capital Management Growth In Dallas

Dallas is a vibrant community with many people who want to improve their finances. Highland Capital Management is a personal finance and investment firm in the area. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has provided great service to customers in Dallas.

With the strong economy in Dallas, many residents are looking for ways to invest for the future. Highland Capital Management is known for helping clients who want to start investing and planning for the future. Real estate is a booming industry in the city. Some people are starting to invest in rental property as a way to earn additional income.

Beginning of the Company

Highland Capital Management started off as a small company in Dallas. The company was able to grow rapidly because of quality customer service. A lot of investment firms are only interested in selling products to customers. Highland Capital Management took a different approach of teaching clients about money.

Many customers have formed a trust with Highland Capital Management. This is why some customers have worked with the company over a period of many decades. In addition, Highland Capital Management does a lot of extra work in the local community to help others.

Helping Others

Every year, Highland Capital Management sponsors several events to help people in the community. The company strongly believes in giving back to the local community for a variety of reasons. Not only does the company want to help Dallas, but they also want to increase their brand awareness in the community.

Over the past few years, Highland Capital Management has helped many local schools with projects for students. This help is greatly appreciated by parents and teachers.

NuoDB-SQL Database: The Most Cost-Effective Database

NuoBd is described as an SQ data base that is elastic designed for cloud distributed deployment. It could be classified as ” NewSQL” database retaining the traditional features of an SQL database, while it incorporates characteristics for supporting the processing of scale out in the environments of cloud computing. NewSQL is an SQL database product category, addressing the issues of scalability and performance posed by OLTP (online transaction processing) RDBMS (relational database management systems)

Application programs interface with NuoDB with the statements of SQL database, the same way as in a database that is relational, and the database comprises of ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance for the reliability of the transaction. But the architecture of NuoDB parts from the relational approaches that are established using a structure that is a three-tier with storage, transactional, and administrative tiers. This approach that is layered means that NuoDB could operate without close coupling any application plus its disk drive data.

NuoDB divides elements of data into software objects known as atoms. It is built around a design that is durable distributed cache using in-memory caches set for supporting cloud-style elasticity while making sure that all the data objects are stored safely and maintained.