Celebrity Fast Food

The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is out which basically just shows the richest of the rich when it comes to celebrities. Do we really need this list? They all make a ton of money, what more do we need to know? Well apparently we need to know exactly how much they make and how that compares to other celebrities. For example, Taylor Swift makes 80 million and that didn’t earn her the top spot on the list. The person who got the top spot may surprise you, and what they choose to spend their money on as well may surprise you.

Topping the list is superstar sensation Katy Perry! You wouldn’t know that though by the restaurant she frequents. According to Eater, Katy Perry took a trip to TacoBell to celebrate her earnings! What did she order you may be wondering? A crunch wrap supreme! She didn’t order anything fancy, or even the most expensive thing on the menu. She ordered what she liked. It’s nice to see that sometimes celebrities are just like us, and that fast food isn’t beneath them. Some superstars may think that, but Keith Mann suggests its not Katy Perry.

In case you are also wondering, Taylor Swift is a Subway kind of girl. Although her favorite type of sub wasn’t disclosed. It’s interesting because I say you can learn a lot about a person when you look at their favorite fast food place, as well as menu item.