EOS Review: Naturally Beautiful Lips

The delightfully scented, uniquely packaged lip balm made by EOS, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth, comes from a global company using only premium ingredients. All EOS products are hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and best of all they’re free of parabens! EOS lip balm is also dermatologist-tested, and you’ll be able to use EOS even if you have sensitive skin. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is not only stylish, it also works effectively, leaving your lips moisturized and smooth.

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Coming in several different flavors, scents and options, EOS offers a lip balm suitable for anyone. They have organic, medicated, shimmering and even wax-free “crystal” lip balms, refer to imabeautygeek.com. The lip balm is packaged in a circular container or a stick style filled with 100% natural ingredients. Evolution of Smooth goes a step further than the rest with their lip balm and it shows.

Having fabulous packaging is one thing they have accomplished, but the way EOS lip balm naturally accomplished a product that can heal or prevent chapped lips is remarkable. Evolution of Smooth focuses on making 100% natural products and they do so very well. EOS lip balm is loved and favorited by people globally and personally, is my go to lip balm.

With EOS lip balm you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary ingredients or chapped lips, read review. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm is a fantastic find with flavors and looks you’ll adore. The only thing you’ll have to be concerned about is which of their products to choose from! EOS makes dry, chapped lips a thing of the past.

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