Rodrigo Terpins: The Ultimate Brazilian Rally Driver for Sure

Rodrigo Terpins is definitely a force to be reckon. Inheriting the passion for sport and speed from a sports’ family, Rodrigo was born to be that ultimate and high achieving, Brazilian rally driver. Jack Terpins is his father who was a successful basketball player, the Maccabi Latin American Confederation’s president, and the Latin American Jewish Council’s president. Also, his brother, Michel Terpin, is a high achieving, famous rally driver, with a spectacular record of their own. They have been a duo in this sport for at least four years now.

Rodrigo’s Record

Rodrigo Terpins is a champion in rally driving. At the age of 44, he has finished five Sertoes Rally. Racing for the Tea Bull Sertoes Team, Rodrigo is teamed up with Michel. They drive the T-Rex that was design for them by MEM Motorsport. Also, The T1 prototype is a passion of Rodrigo in which he stated on occasion is one main reason his huge rally interest remains.

The duo recently competed successfully in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship. The distance for this edition was 2600km, reports As a result, they made third place in this race, and their overall ranking was eighth place out of thirty eight competitors.

He didn’t compete in the recent Cuesta off-road championship, but he vows to be in the next one. He is also hoping his brother will compete with him in the next Cuesta off-road championship. Nevertheless, he is still proud of his track record and career growth, and he is now working on balancing family and career.


Rodrigo is hands down the ultimate champion of rally driving. And teaming with his brother, they are definitely destined to win mostly all their competitions. He is so well-regarded in this sport that his name is now a household name. Follow Rodrigo on Facebook.