The King Of Pop Lives On Through A Middle Aged Man In Brazil

If you live in Brazil, you may think that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is still alive. Sergio Cortes is one of the premier Michael Jackson impersonators and is recognized worldwide for his astounding ability to replicate the dance moves, voice, walk and striking appearance of the late, great entertainer, Michael Jackson.

It all began when, at an early age, Sergio Cortes was provided an opportunity to dress as Michael Jackson and photographs were taken of him dressed in this manner. Upon seeing the photographs, and the uncanny resemblance and response to his look and demeanor in imitating The King of Pop, things began to really come together for Cortes.

Since that time, Sergio Cortes has had opportunities worldwide to entertain people with his spot on impersonation of Michael Jackson. He has appeared on television numerous times, including the Wendy Williams talk show when she did a segment on celebrity look-a-likes, and has performed live on American Idol in various countries.

Often, Mr. Cortes is performing Michael Jackson Tribute shows which celebrate the life and talent of Michael Jackson. These shows, sometimes going longer than two hours, highlight the popular musical hits of the famous Jackson, and also, recreate some of Jacksons stage aesthetic preferences. Choreography, stage effects, voice and artist resemblance all come together in those hours and give the audience the illusion that they are really witnessing a performance by Michael Jackson himself.

Mr. Cortes has captured the hearts of his fans as evident by his staggering number of followers on his social media accounts. His Facebook page has over 17,000 fans, many of which send him public messages daily professing their love for him and the work he is doing. It is easy to see why his fan base is so large, since the death of Michael Jackson, there has been a large void in the hearts of those fans. Mr. Cortes not only emulates the physical appearance, voice and dance abilities of Michael, but also continues the social message as well. Just recently on his official Facebook page, Mr. Cortes wrote an emotional response regarding the human injustices that are happening around the world. In this way, he is the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator, reflecting both the physical appearance and social sensibilities of the departed King of Pop.

An Impersonator’s Mystique Is Gaining His Own Celebrity

How can a person’s mystique permit you to know him better? Well, that’s about the only thing Sergio Cortes fans have available to become better acquainted with the famed Michael Jackson impersonator.

Michael preferred a certain mystique, and so does Sergio. However, Sergio’s is all his own. This means they had something in common that was, nonetheless, separate and apart! Ironically, Sergio is using it as well as his uncanny ability to bring MJ to life which is expanding on Sergio’s own fame. Most probably, this was not a planned road to success for Sergio, but it is taking shape.

There are many commentaries and blogs about Sergio, but because of his mystique, some commentaries are stabs in the dark. I think Sergio enjoys watching the curious minded try to solve his coveted private life, which also is, in effect, a fabulous strategy for Sergio’s publicist. This creates frenzy, and fans love frenzy. It also creates gossip and rumors. Fans love celebrity gossip (and so do gossip magazines and tabloids). There is not another impersonator who has attempted celebrity through mystique for fear of being forgotten or labeled ‘dark.’ This could become a new technique for impersonators, thanks to Sergio Cortes.

On the gossip and rumor scene, while not recent, there is some indication that Sergio has had some constructive facial surgery performed by Michael’s plastic surgeon. (I’d love to see Wendy Williams take this one on!) It is now reported that Sergio Cortes was born in Antofagasta, Chile, and not Barcelona, Spain, or somewhere in Brazil. Will we ever know? Sergio Cortes also is skilled in graphic arts and design. What is Sergio’s net worth? Well, that hasn’t even reached the gossip coffers yet! Someone also is mixing Sergio up with a professional tennis player born in Antofagasta, Chile. My gawd, Sergio, you actually must have been born in Barcelona!

I have wondered about the reactions of The Jacksons when they are asked about Sergio Cortes. There is no public information available on this subject that I have been able to locate. This either means Sergio Cortes has a private agreement with them to perform as Michael, or they are so thrilled with his ability to rekindle the flame of such a beloved son, father and brother in their lives, they are speechless.

Sergio Cortes has said it is a privilege to impersonate the King of Pop. So, there are no pressures associated with impersonating a celebrity of great magnitude for two hours at a time before throngs. He must lose himself in the moment as he mesmerizes fans. That’s mighty, as Sergio Cortes rises to a fame of his very own.


Well, would you mind someone impersonate you when you are far gone to the land of no return. For a good cause, yes I would let the best do that. Without a doubt, if the Michael Jackson were alive today, he would be very impressed at one man who has not shied away from keeping his legacy on. This man has won the support of many Michael Jackson’s fans and is now seen as the best impersonator in the world. Sure he is because man! This guy looks every inch, the late music icon. Impersonation can be totally impossible, but with this guy, he had perfected the art so well that he is internationally recognized even when Michael Jackson died nine years ago.
Spanish speaking Sergio Cortes is this extraordinary figure. He has totally impersonated the late pop legend and still entertains his major fans in Brazil and South America as a whole. He always loved and was inspired by the late pop star from a very young age. As a teenager, he would watch the Jackson 5 perform and always wanted to be like Michael Jackson. Not only did he realize that he could talk and sing like him, but he almost looked like him. Sergio has been going for dance routine classes and is slowly perfecting his impersonation career with very high hopes of a great future in his line of work. He has created two videos of the late Michael, smooth criminal and thriller, with him being in the videos. In fact, he has done almost all Michael’s songs but the videos being the ones mentioned earlier. He can moonwalk and has trained himself to pitch his voice to be like that of the late Michael while singing and performing. He even wears flashy attires like those of the late Michael, and his point of fame occurred when he performed a tribute to Michael in Madrid in the year 2012.
He is forty-four years old and apart from his impersonation acts; he works for an artist management company in Brazil where he has inspired lots of people to his work. Sergio Cortes is very passionate about his work to a point where his fans now value his legitimacy. He has brought people closer to him by artistically doing his thing. His immense research on how to be like Michael is one that cannot be ignored together with his hard work to bring Michael alive.
With more expectations of seeing this great impersonator perform, we have to give him much credit and respect!