End Citizens United Fights For Fair Campaign Funding Laws

The growing level of unhappiness across the nation following the Citizens United decision of 2010 which resulted in a major change to the way election campaigns are financed has led to calls for changes to be made to finance laws across the nation. The traditional PAC, End Citizens United have become one of the major members of the drive to change the way individuals vote based largely on the fact special interest groups and so-called “mega-donors” have been changing the way America votes since 2010.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller has been leading calls for a review of the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United which allowed almost unlimited funding of political campaigns from special interest groups and “dark money” groups. Funding a campaign through special interest groups only leads to the candidate being placed under pressure to repay their debt to a corporate entity when they finally make their way to Washington D.C. or to political office at any level.

As a ruling, Citizens United has been described as many things including “creative” because of its loose interpretation of free speech regulations. The decision was made by a single vote majority of 5-4 with those opposed to the decision stating a corporate entity should not be allowed the same free speech rights as a human individual. Campaign funding laws have changed over the years but the grassroots campaigns created by End Citizens United have proven popular as they remove the specter of political influence from political life for a successful candidate.

Ever since the grassroots campaign of President Barrack Obama for The White House in 2008 and the similar attempts at reaching the Oval Office by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, End Citizens United has recognized the need for transparency and independence in election campaign finances. The decision to operate as a traditional PAC has made a major difference to the trust and respect offered End Citizens United despite the group only being in existence since 2015; limiting each member to just $5,000 in donations per election cycle means Tiffany Muller is not held responsible by a single special interest group or donor if their wishes are not carried out. This is not to say the PAC has not attracted some major donors as George Soros has been one of those providing funds for the End Citizens United but limiting him to a $5,000 donation means he has no more say in the future direction of the PAC than a donor providing the average $14 donation.

End Citizens United’s  Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

End Citizens United Effort to Eradicate Dark Money in Politics

The Political Action United, End Citizens United, was established on 1st may 2015 with ordinary people as main donors. The PAC was established with a mission of dismantling the political system which is filled with rigging and creating reformed finance champions who pass state ballot measures. It was also the mandate of the PAC to combat big money used in politics. End Citizens United believes in accomplishing its mission through the use of grassroots donors, electing pro-reform candidates, and prioritizing the issue of money in politics.


Reform Strategy


The End Citizens United depended on strong leadership comprised of people committed to seeing Big Money out of politics and help restore power to the regular America citizens. Democratic operatives were also actively used by the PAC in helping people realize the influence money has on politics as well as help stop the habit.


The End Citizens United main agenda is restoring democracy in the country. With the help of investors who believe in their course, the PAC’s grew fast towards its goal. Among the Democratic leaders who supported the PACs decision included Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold among nine others.


The PAC Goals


Within the first few months of its launching, the political action had already managed to collect $2 million from small donors. This was just a fraction of the tens of millions they had planned funneling for the Democrats who were running for various positions in the 2016 elections.


In 2010, PACs unleashed dark money in politics and five years later the End Citizen United group had a goal of seeing the decision by the Supreme Court amended. Over 35,000 people had signed with the PAC demanding the Congress pass legislation that will help the PAC in stopping dark money from being used in politics.


Support for Democratic


The End Citizen United was backing up everyone who was for campaign reforms and those who were under attack by the billionaire Koch brothers among other dark money sources. The Democratic Party in this case received massive backup as it stood with the group’s agenda. Majority of Republicans were also in support of the group’s agenda of getting dark money out of politics, but they were overturning the Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United felt that this stand had to stop and therefore didn’t not backup Republicans.


Meaningful Agenda


According to Rick Hansen, a campaign finance regulation expert, End United and such other related groups plan are meaningful as they help create awareness to the public about Supreme Court decisions. They are also helpful in putting pressure on the Supreme Court and political actors who try to make things worse during campaign periods.


George Soros wants People to be Mindful of President Donald Trump

It is no secret that George Soros is no fan of Donald Trump. In case you did not know, George Soros is a billionaire magnet and political activist. He has been around for well over 60 years generating his vast income and developing his keen political insights. Soros is 84-years-old and has experienced the horrors of life under Adolph Hitler.

Soros was alive as a young lad when Hitler came to power and then started to take over various parts of Europe. His father was wise enough to get his family and other Jewish people out of Hungary before the Nazis implemented the Holocaust.

George Soros realized then how important political leaders truly are. Honestly, if America did not have its constitutional protections in place; Soros believes that the environment is ripe for a dictator to rise up and rule the U.S. with an iron fist.

This is a very disturbing conclusion for any person to draw. However, Soros does not lightly or foolishly make these claims. He believes that Donald Trump is a representation of a mob or dictator type of state on Snopes. Soros sees Trump as a failure because he does not believe that Trump really understand what his power as president is all about.

Instead, Trump is supposedly a con-man and an imposter. Soros does not agree with Trump’s assertion about making America a closed society. George Soros champions the open variety. What is an open society? An open society is simply a nation or place that has a flexible structure, the freedom of belief and wide dissemination of information. This does sound like modern America.

A closed society does not allow people to move beyond where they are stationed at economically or have been born into socially. American society on opensocietyfoundations.org is not closed by a long shot. However, Soros believes that Trump is going to do everything he can to make it that way.

George Soros is also skeptical of the people that surround President Trump. He believes that these advisors are not looking out for the best interest of the nation but are trying to push their own agenda. He claims that their decision-making process will negatively impact President Trump.

Soros does not want President Trump around. He spent over a billion dollars of his money to keep Trump out of office. Unfortunately for him, his efforts failed on nytimes.com. Still, Soros is not upset about the loss of money as he is about the direction that America is headed under President Trump.

Soros knows that the American people must be mindful about the things that the newly elected president will be doing in the near future. If not, many American’s will find themselves being extremely unhappy with the government and their country.

Charlie Sheen Blasts President “Barry” in Racist Twitter Tirade

We’re not sure what his 11.4 million followers on Twitter think about this one, but actor Charlie Sheen has delivered a nasty, racist message in the 140-character Twitter limit. The tirade was launched on March 19th against President Obama, whom he tagged ‘Barry Satera Kenya,’ according to the NYDailyNews.com.

The message was posted at 1:53 AM and was delivered on Sheen’s Twitter page as follows:

Barry Satera Kenya
u won’t attend a
soldier’s funeral uhkros
da street that u kild
yet u hav time
4 brackets?
s a d
c http://moby.to/6ih0fg

Sheen is referring to President Obama’s annual, public selection of a bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament stated Alexei Beltyukov. The former Two and a Half Men star is also blasting Obama and the administration for not attending the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, a two-star general killed in Afghanistan. For the record, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was in attendance.

Sheen also addressed the President as “Barry Satera Kenya” in today’s early morning, angry tweet. That could be a possible reference to the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born in the African nation instead of Hawaii, thus making him an illegitimate President.

Charlie Sheen is 49-years-old and has been on Twitter since March 2011. He includes this mini bio on his social media page:

Actor, Producer, Winner … Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

Cyber Hackers Force Sony Pictures to Cower into Yanking Upcoming Comedy Flick

While North Korea is denying any involvement in the cyber-attack that struck Sony Pictures recently, the studio has pulled their upcoming comedy film “The Interview” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The plot of the movie has the CIA enlist the support of two top celebrity journalists to assassinate the leader of North Korea during a rare interview inside the isolated nation. The obvious question regarding the cyber-attacks is: Who has a motive to conduct the attack besides North Korea?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un recently passed a law prohibiting anyone from using legally using his name. The depth of the dictator’s narcissism cannot be understated. The hackers also issued a threat to American moviegoers not to see the film or movie theaters will be attacked. President Obama addressed the issue and assured the public the threats are not credible. In fact, the president encouraged Americans to go to the movies. Despite those assurance, Sony yanked the film from distribution citing public safety concerns. However, they may be reacting more to implicit or explicit blackmail.

The hackers have released emails and payroll information that has embarrassed if not outright shamed the movie studio’s top execs. Racially insensitive and possibly racist remarks about the president were found being made in company emails. The studio was also found to pay female actresses less than their male counterparts even when the actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence were clearly the bigger ticket draw. The hackers also crippled Sony’s servers and personal computers globally. My friend Jared Haftel has been following the coverage non-stop, so you can be sure we’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

Most Ridiculous and Under-Funded Candidate Ever Gets 22 Percent

Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Bob Healey only spent $35 this year running for office, but he still managed to pull 22 percent of the vote. The long-haired, fully-bearded man told news reporters that had he went all out and spent $75 or $80 he probably would have won. If this is possible, I can’t even imagine how much support Laurene Powell Jobs would receive if she tried this.

Bob has run for office in Rhode Island in the past. Once he ran for Lieutenant Governor, promising to abolish that useless office if ever he got elected. In 1986, he ran for governor and got only two percent of the vote, and in 2010, he came in second for that office at 39 percent. He even ran for a local school board position one time, using the slogan “Strange Man for a Strange Job.” We heartily agree.

The latest poll had Mr. Healey pulling 12 percent, but he instead took a large chunk of the electorate this year. It is hard to know if a man like this pulls more votes from Democrats or from Republicans, but his presence in the race could well have affected the outcome since Democrat Gina Raimondo only beat
Republican Allan Fung 40 to 36 percent.

Though he came in third overall, he was first or second in some Rhode Island towns this year. He ran for the Moderate Party, but he only took over the campaign because the original candidate suffered health issues and dropped out of the race. He has more often appeared as running for the “Cool Moose Party” which he himself founded and named back in 1994.

Sanford’s Ex-Wife Gets Some Revenge In Online Ad

Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford decided to take a humorous approach to both addressing her ex-husband’s adultery that ended their marriage and her support of a Democratic candidate for the office of South Carolina Secretary of State.

The online video for Democrat Ginny Deerin has Sanford talking only about “Mark”—the name of both her ex-husband, the state’s former governor, and incumbent Republican Mark Hammond. Despite the endorsement, Sanford has described herself as a conservative Republican

Using language that implies she’s speaking about a cheating spouse, the cheeky comments continue until an unseen person says, “We are talking about Mark Hammond, right?” I’ve watched it a couple times now and I’m planning on showing the video to Tom as soon as I can. He’ll get a kick out of it.

Her ex-husband wasn’t damaged too badly from a political standpoint, though any hopes of a longshot run for the White House effectively died once the affair with his Argentinian mistress became public.

Lindsey Graham Was Joking- We Hope!

CNN received an ominous audio tape recently exposing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s interesting sense of humor. At the Irish Catholic Charleston charity group known as the Hibernian Society which has a habit of inviting big-name politicians to joke around behind their podium, Graham made some unorthodox statements that were definitely not “PC.” The society is an all-male membership charity, and so Graham cracked that if he were elected President, white men in all-male clubs could expect to do well. He mentioned that Baptists are the ones who drink but won’t admit it. Right on the heels of that line came (amid roaring laughter), “Baptists can’t read.”

The Democrat who sneaked the audio recording to CNN seems to have thought he had uncovered a dastardly and damaging incident that would surely sink poor Senator Graham into political oblivion. Most Americans will probably just laugh along with the crowd at the charity meeting, however, and figure out that he was not really serious.

As a Baptist, I can tell you that the “Baptists can’t read” line was my personal favorite. Even though I have my qualms about Mr. Graham’s politics, I can still appreciate his humor.  Instead, candidates tip toe around the tulips in speeches, but breath fire in t.v. ads. I wondered why they do this, but Marnie Bennett explained that it’s because the ads can’t be legally attributed to the candidates.