The Texas Bankers Association & Its Influence On Regional Banking

Regional banking has come a long way over the years. As of today, regional banking is a direct challenge to national banking thanks to its wide array of services. NexBank Capital personifies what regional banking is today. This bank is located in Dallas, Texas, and it has laid the blueprint of success for all to follow. It specializes in commercial, investment and mortgage banking, but it provides many other valuable services such as:


  • Credit Services
  • Public Funds
  • Agency Services
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Treasury management
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • And many more

John Holt, CEO of the NexBank, has done great job in terms of leadership. This financial institution has skyrocketed in popularity as well as capital. As of June 2017, this bank was reported to having $6.4 billion in total assets. Business acquisitions have played a major role in such drastic changes as this bank has been able to expand beyond its perimeters. Middle-market companies, large corporations and real estate investors have all benefited from NexBanks valuable services.

CEO John Holt attended the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year, and he represented NexBank very well. This conference is sponsored by the Texas Bankers Association, and it’s a great way to discuss all of the changes and challenges of regional banking as a whole. Holt represented as a panelist as he discussed topics that include organic branching, innovation and the opinions of what’s happening within the industry. Consultants, advisors and bank leaders all had a chance to share their thoughts and perspectives. The Texas Bankers Association put together another winner and with such success, this event will continue well into the future. All in all, NexBank Capital and John Holt is the perfect fit as this combination is drastically changing the status quo.

Bank of All Trades

New Orleans Annual Event – John Holt as Panelist


NexBank’s president, John Holt, recently volunteered his time and efforts as a panelist at the November 2016 Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. His speeches stirred many minds to greater action as well as potentially unconsidered new alternatives that may forever change the process of banking and finance altogether. In fact, numerous top-tier corporate banking strategists and executives shared their thoughts, took notes and applauded in turn.


The Collective Team and Their Awarded Efforts – One for All and All for NexBank


NexBank currently seeks an internal audit director in banking out of Dallas as well as an operations associate or vice president there as well, NexBank is approved by the FDIC. It is likewise an equal housing lender and has passed the US Patriot Act. The company’s leadership structure is uniquely filled with top executives of mixed strength and talent. Under John Holt, Matt Sickelski is the COO and Craig Corbel Lee is the CFO. Jerry Kaufman is a general counselor and Rhett Miller is the chief credit officer.


Craig Campbell also serves as senior managing director. The team would not be a success without the collaborative minds and unified efforts of these top six executives. NexBank has been featured in numerous articles, press releases and even announcements. You may view them in the Online Media Center at NexBank has also been recently featured in S&P global as a 2016 Best-Performing US Community Bank Between $1 Billion and $10 Billion in Assets as well as ICBA Independent Banker Magazine’s 2016 The Best of the Best. In addition, Bank Director gave this company a Focused Strategy Rating within the Top 25 of Residential Real Estate Lenders Ranked by Total Profitability in 2016’s second quarter alone.