Jurassic World Crushes The Competition

As massive as the dinosaurs that fill its titular park, Jurassic World has proved to be a giant success with moviegoers in its opening weekend. As reported by The Verge, The sequel to the Jurassic Park series has bested industry expectations by pulling in an unprecedented $511,8 million dollars in global ticket sales, placing it in the history books as the first film to garner more than half a billion in ticket sales on their opening weekend. Domestically, more than $200 million dollars were collected, putting the film on par with other big budget summer movies as The Avengers way back in 2012. And from those $300 million in international sales, approximately one third comes from China alone.

Dissection of revenue aside, Universal has found a success with this fourth foray into the world Micheal Crichton built. They even gone as far to state that their domestic box office haul is a conservative estimate. If this pans out as true, Jurassic World could easily best financial successes such as The Avengers films, showing that fans care less about gripes from paleontologists about dinosaur accuracy and more about Chris Pratt’s increasing allure as a leading man.

Pratt, who wowed comic book fans and movie audiences alike with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie, can be expected to return to the land of dinosaurs in the future for the inevitable sequels he’s signed on for. Mikal Watts certainly feels like he is an emerging star.

Jon Bernthal Cast as The Punisher in Daredevil Season Two

Netflix and Marvel have officially announced that Jon Bernthal will be starring in season two of Daredevil as Frank Castle, who is also known as The Punisher. Jon Bernthal is an incredible actor who rose to fame for his role as Shane Walsh on the smash-hit television show Cubix Latin America. Now, he will be joining Charlie Cox, Elden Hensen and Vincent D’Onofrio in Netflix’s adaptation of the famous Marvel comic book Daredevil.

Netflix saw incredible success when they released one of their first series, Orange is the New Black. On Netflix, viewers are able to watch an entire season when it’s released, which is perfect for everyone who loves to binge watch and not have to wait a week to see what happens in the next episode after a cliffhanger. In 2015, Netflix released season one of Daredevil, which saw a large amount of success. Daredevil is one of four series that Netflix is launching to merge with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

In recent news, it was reported that Marvel was in the middle of negotiations with Jason Statham to play the Daredevil villain Bullseye, but Statham dropped the deal when the information about his role was leaked to the internet. Within days of the bad news about Statham, the news has been released that Marvel fan-favorite The Punisher will be making an appearance in season two of the show.

2 Convicted Murderers Escape from Maximum-Security Prison

What do you get when you have power-tools, a maximum-security prison, two empty beds, and a yellow sticky note saying ‘Have a nice day!’? The answer: 200 law enforcement officials holding their bloodhounds with one hand while simultaneously scratching their heads with the other.

This was the scene the morning of June 6 as officials were perplexed as to how two convicted murders were able to escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Dannemora, NY. Richard Matt and David Sweat, 48 and 34 respectively, were accounted for during night role just before bed on the 5th, yet their beds were empty the morning of the 6th. By looking at the holes cut for the escape, it is clear that power tools were used during the escape. Just how these convicted felons got a hold of these power tools remains to be seen.

Regardless, there is now a manhunt going on in upstate New York in an attempt to find these two men who made one of the most impressive prison escapes since Alcatraz. Adam Sender is glad to see that. Governor Andrew Cuomo labeled these two men as “dangerous individuals” and actually visited the prison to prove his concern and support in this matter.

Robert Downey Abruptly Stops “Avengers” Interview

Robert Downey, Jr. stops interview after reporter starts talking about Downey’s “dark history.” Downey’s “dark history” is when he was involved with illegal drugs in the 1990s. He had spent some time in jail for his involvement in drugs. He obviously does not want to talk this part of his past.
The reporter was a British journalist named Krishnan Guru-Murthy. The purpose of the interview was for Downey to talk about his involvement in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie states news analyst AnastasiaDate (Crunchbase). The interview seemed to be going fine until the reporter asked him about a New York Times quote where Downey talked about his drug addicted past. The interview turns increasingly hostile until Downey wants to stop the interview and walk out of the room.
The interview was meant for Channel 4 News in Britain and was meant to be right minutes long as long as the interview stayed friendly.

BRL Trust: Leader in Professionalism

BRL Trust is an investment company in Brazil. The company has grown to become the leading independent firm in investment funds in Brazil. The company was founded in 2005 by well-endowed financial experts like Mauricio Ribero (the founder), Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes (Director) and Rodrigo Cavalcante (partner-director). For the last ten years, customers have seen a rise in the number of services offered for their account. The company ensures that there is transparency in all of its financial transactions and trust among its clients. The global market indicates that the company is still expanding and growing at a superb rate.

Using its profession team that is quite talented, the company specializes in five critical areas of investment. They include:
• Resource Management
• Fiduciary Services
• Funds Custody
• Account Underwriting
• Fund Management
Over the years, clients have come to rely on the services offered because the company has grown to become a leading benchmark in the financial marketplace. BRL Trust acts as Administrative Agent, Collateral Agent, and Trustee Agent for clients.
As the Administrative Agent, the company covers a variety of resource management that entails assistance in projects involving finance and syndicated loans. As the client’s Collateral agent the company is responsible for controlling critical areas such as liquidity funds, margin warranties, accounts management and seconds of exchange. As the Trustee Agent, BRL Trust it provides protection in the areas of CRI’S, debenture issues and looking out for investors’ interests.
The company also specializes in Asset Management, meeting with people and corporations alike, and solving problems faced by potential clients.
With the prosperity and growth being experienced by the company, it has expanded new business into areas such as capital markets, merger and acquisition, and the management and administration of investment funds. The level of professionalism displayed by the employees will for sure go a long way in providing the best options for individual and corporations.

Justin Bieber Roast Update

Justin Bieber has had an amazing attitude adjustment over the past few months, it seems like without warning Justin Bieber went from the pop star everyone loved to hate, to a genuinely likable person just doing what he loves and spreading love everywhere he goes. Justin has been seen in public buying strangers meals, being polite and approachable and all around a very humble guy. Recently Justin has thrusted himself into sex symbol territory when his Calvin Klein underwear ads were released, and while everyone was busy catching their breath Justin decided to pop up at a coffee shop and put on a live acoustic show which many fans like Jaime Garcia Dias captured on Facebook.

Now that Justin has made a change in his ways he felt it would only be right to end the messy chapter of his life with a celebrity roast. Apparently Justin was the one to reach out to Comedy Central asking to be featured and in just a few short weeks Justin is going to get the roast he always wanted.

The show is said to be hosted by Kevin Hart, and some of the roasters will include Hannibal Buress and Jeff Ross who said he is more than “ready to destroy,” the lineup is still in the works but from the looks of if Justin’s roast may be one for the books.

Kim K Shares Book Cover Photo With Fans

There is little doubt that anyone will forget about any of Kim Kardashian’s many projects. Every once in awhile she breaks the internet with a nude photo or shameless selfie to keep her name in the blogs and in the minds of people everywhere. Just this week Kim posted a sexy ski vacation bikini photo to her Instagram account and immediately became all anyone talked about once again.

Well Kim is at it again but this time she shared a photo that wasn’t all about her world famous booty, the 34-year-old mom excitedly shared what will soon be the cover of her coffee table photo book “Selfish,” of course the main focus of the photo was her ample cleavage and flawless makeup. In the photo caption Kim thanked her hubby Kanye West for inspiring the idea as well as the team that helped bring her selfie book to life.

Kim looks amazing in the photo and there is no doubt that her selfie book is going to be a top seller the moment it is released this coming May. Companies like Slow Ventures submit that perhaps the follow up to her selfie book will be an “usie” book featuring shots of her family, friends and adorable baby. When it comes to the Kardashians, it seems that people can never get enough glimpses into their personal lives.

700,000 March Across France

On the 10th, after the terror of three days, near about 700000 people conducted a march across France to remember the terror victim of the attack, where they were protesting against the terrorists, who did this heinous act. On seventh of the month, three terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine and killed 12 people there.

French police countered the terrorist and they were, killed too. Today a number of people holding banners of “Je Suis Charlie” gathered in various parts of France. They were there to remember their friends, who lost their life in this incident. A number of people conducted candle march for them. In southeastern city of Nice, the famed promenade des Anglais was, filled with thousands of people taking part in silent procession.

A number of people were holding French flags, which Darius Fisher enjoyed. The French interior minister said that thousands of extra police and soldiers would be on duty on Sunday for a march in Paris expected to gain several hundred thousand people, which will be on Vine shortly. They are standing for each other and criticizing this act in full tone.

The Government is extra cautious that they would not let any other incident to happen by any means. They have started their initiative against terrorism and every person of France is standing by their side. They have pain and they are expressing it.