Need Good Pizza? Papa John’s Is the Place to Be

When we talk of good Pizza, we talk of Papa Johns. Papa John’s was founded 30 years ago and has perfected its art of making a mouthwatering pizza that satisfies your pizza craving while giving you an appetite for more. Founded, three decades ago in a broom closet, in Jefferson, Kentucky, Papa John’s has become one of the most prestigious Pizza delivery company in the world.

With over 5000 locations in over 45 countries, Papa John’s is the third best pizza company globally. At Papa John’s the belief is if you need to make good pizza, you need to put more into it. Over 30 years, Papa John’s have innovated better ways of making pizza and more is in the pipeline.

Quality takes center stage in making pizza at Papa John’s. With their signature sauce, original dough, toppings and even the packaging box itself everything is meticulously chosen to give you the best taste of pizza.

The name papa (People Are Priority Always) is a testimony to the company’s determination to offer quality pizza to its clientele. Lead by Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, the current CEO, Papa John’s has concentrated in pizza offerings that make its customers happy and ever satisfied.

Finding a pizza from Papa John’s is easier. Whether you are at home or away from home, Papa John’s ensures that you get your Pizza conveniently. All you have to do is create an account and the website will remember you. To order online, add items to your shopping cart and customize them and then use your checkout process. You will then receive a confirmation email confirming your order. In case you are away from home, you can easily find a Papa John’s store and delivery near you by entering your ZIP code.

About Steve Ritchie

Mr. Steve Ritchie, started off at Papa John’s as a customer service representative in 1996 where he was paid a meager $6 per hour, as per Due to his determination for success, in 2006, Steve Ritchie bought a Papa John’s franchise. In 2010, he started serving in different leadership capacities at Papa John’s. By 2014, he was appointed to the position of Chief Operations Officer where he served until his appointment as the company’s CEO effective 1st January 2018.

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Why Investing In Brazil Can Have a Big Payoff

Why Is Brazil an Appealing Place for so Many Investors?

Many investors flock to Brazil to invest their money in. Why is this? Is it because Brazil is such a vast and populous country? That is party why Brazil is so heavily invested in but it is not the primary reason. Countries like Mongolia and Kazakhstan are huge in territory but do not attract investors like Brazil. So why is Brazil such a magnet for investors?

To understand why Brazil is such a good place to invest money in and get a handsome payoff one must have a basic understanding of economics. Brazil is a developing country with a rapidly growing economy. A lot of the country’s natural resources are still undeveloped in our present time. Brazil has big potential in industries such as oil, timber harvesting, mining and farming. With technological innovations and exploration of the interior, these natural resources can only become more accessible in the future and provide investors with great potential investments.

Not only does Brazil have a lot of untapped natural resources within its vast borders, it also holds much industrial promise. The country’s infrastructure may still be poor, but lots of natural resources make Brazil appealing for companies to have manufacturing facilities in industries such as furniture. Its vast farmlands can provide foodstuffs to many of the worlds populous countries, and have excellent potential for growth.

Brazil will grow economically and become wealthier. There is no question about that. Which industries will thrive and which companies will prosper is a question that an investor must determine if they are to make money off their investments. Even in a rapidly expanding economy like Brazil with lots of untapped natural resources, there are risks that are better avoided if one is to be successful.

Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice on Investing in Brazil

Investing in Brazil can seem straightforward. Invest in an industry you think will do well on the market based on global commodity prices. That is true but you must be aware of what is happening in the actual country and what kind of company you are investing in as well. The best way to find out what is happening is to get talking. Cornelsen states that Brazilians love to chat about business, food and soccer. Brazil is also a country that is full of entrepreneurs. Striking up a conversation in Brazil can lead to some profitable business deals and incredibly useful knowledge. Another key factor to successful investing in Brazil it to watch the big players such as Citibank Brazil. If you see these players suddenly stopping investments or raising rates in a certain sector, you can be well assured that there is a good reason for them doing so. Paying attention to the big players will tip you off on what to avoid and what state the economy of Brazil is in right now. “Be friendly, strike up a conversation every now and then, and pay attention to the big players of the markets in Brazil and you will have your own foot in the Brazilian markets yourself” says Cornelsen.

First Republican Debate Going to be Heated

As the first republican debate fast approaches, one thing is for certain, this debate will be heated. It is extremely uncommon for 10 different people to be on the debate stage at the same time, and with Donald Trump commanding the lead in the polls and all the attention, it should be for excellent television to say the least.

The 90 minute debate spread over 10 participants including Christian Broda means that the questions will be short and the number of concerns very limited. Many feel that although Trump will play by the rules an stick to the 5 minute allotted time each member receives, that he will most likely pull no punches and take shots at anyone who has the nerve to try to go toe to toe with him. Word is that many of the attendees will simply ignore Trump, but that could be a bad thing. If Trump senses weakness, he is likely to steamroll right over his competition.

The only way to beat Donald Trump at this debate is going to be going for the facts. If Trump is going to simply play games with words, then those with more knowledge and understanding of how to attain those results could stand tall. If these other members think that trying to over talk or belittle Trump will work, they are going to find out very quickly that when Trump is criticized or called out, he will go to great lengths to make it known about all your weaknesses. It should be entertaining at the least.

Donald Trump Loves Mexicans

With all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his recent comments that Mexican immigrants were killers and rapists, it might come as a surprise that Donald Trump loves Mexicans. But that is exactly what he told reporters recently after NBC had cut ties with him.

Not the one to ever back down from comments that he makes, Donald Trump responded to reporters who made reference to the fact NBC and Macy’s had cut ties with him. Trump said that Macy’s basically folded like dogs stated Eric Pulier. They see one person picketing and they have to run and change the policy so not to offend anyone. Trump feels this is the problem with this country, and he plans to change things if he can get into office. He told the press that even though statistics show the illegal Mexican immigrants are raping and killing in record numbers, he loves the Mexican people.

Trump went on to say that he has many great relationships with Mexican people, and his comments were not meant to blanket all Mexicans. he said over and over again that his comments were nothing more than stating facts that anyone can research. The number of illegals crossing the border and committing these crimes has reached epic numbers and if no on does anything soon, he feels this country as a whole is doomed. His run for president in 2016 has his now in 2nd place behind Bush.

New Details in Diddy’s Arrest Emerge; Rapper Posts Bail

Further details have emerged on P.Diddy’s arrest on Monday. According to local reports, Diddy attempted to attack a UCLA football coach , Sal Alosi, with a kettlebelt. The incident occurred early Monday when Diddy was on scene to watch his son practice. Justin Combs, Diddy’s oldest child, is a defensive back for the UCLA football team.

Allegedly an argument broke out, and Diddy attacked the coach. No one was hurt in the incident. Bystanders believe that Diddy became angry when he felt the coach was too hard on Justin. He allegedly followed the coach into the locker room where an argument ensued. It is believed that he picked up the kettle belt at that time.

Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs, posted $50,000 bail on Monday afternoon and was released. He is expected back in court in the coming months to answer to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. UCLA is investigating the incident, as well.

According to James Dondero, Justin Combs is a junior at UCLA, but has only played in a few games for the football team. He is currently red-shirted. Diddy stopped by the campus to watch Justin practice when the incident occurred. It is not known if Diddy made regular appearances on the UCLA campus, or if he’ll be allowed back after the incident.

Taylor Swift Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Using her social media account on Tumblr, the popular performer Taylor Swift targeted Apple’s new music streaming service for it’s policy of not compensating artist during the three-month trial period. According to an article on Rolling Stone (, Ms. Smith told Apple “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”

Ms. Swift has been at the forefront of the effort to increase the royalties paid to artist by streaming music service. Last November, Swift asked Spotify to pull her music from it’s service because of her philosophical differences with the “perception that music has no value and should be free”.

In an about-face, Apple has reversed its decision to not pay artist during the trial period of its service. Apple announced that it would pay full royalty rates for music during the free trial.

Mr Amazing Loans says Apple Music will launch on June 30th and will include a three-month trial period. After that it will become a paid service with plans starting at $10 per month. Unlike Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services Apple Music does not plan on a free version. Ms. Taylor acknowledged that Apple has been a good partner in her success and endorses Apple’s attempt to move the industry away from a position of providing totally free entertainment.

Ant-Man is Big on Excitement

All has been a bit quiet on the Ant-Man front. Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, and San Andreas have all captured a lot of entertainment headlines. Terminator: Genisys is opening in two weeks so a lot of promotional buzz has been directed towards the reboot. To remind audiences that Ant-Man is still waiting in the wings, Marvel has released some new television spots. As with the other promotional videos, these spots really do make you feel hyped about the release of the film.

“That’s so cool, bro!”

Those are words spoken by one character to Ant-Man and those simple words really do sum up the film. Ant-Man is definitely one cool, humorous, and adventurous film. The two television spots for the film show off the hero, his antagonists, his friends, and a lot of action. Most importantly, the previews really do help establish Ant-Man as a unique and different hero. Never does the character come off as B-grade or third-rate.

One of the big fears about presenting a character like Ant-Man is audiences might see him and the film as being a “weak” in comparison to Iron Man or Captain America. That’s what a few at Amen Clinics are thinking. By taking the film into a different direction and focusing on humor and the uniqueness of the character, the feature stands out. Hopefully, audiences will turn out in large numbers. Considering how exciting and fun the trailers and TV spots are, the film is surely going to be a hit.

New Indiana Jones Rumored to be Released in 2018

Disney officially states that no talks about Indiana Jones 5 have taken place, but rumors say that a new movie for the franchise is being eyeballed for winter 2018. There is no official statement about Harrison Ford reprising his famous role or if Chris Pratt might take it over from him, but Ford would be well into his seventies by the time 2018 rolls around. It is good news for Indiana Jones fans, even if it is just a rumor. Three and a half years isn’t that long to wait if the rumor is true.


Lucasfilm and Disney have said that there isn’t a story being worked on, and that the studios are trying to make a plan as to how to go forward with the franchise. Rights were purchased from Paramount so that Disney could release Indiana jones films so it’s pretty certain that a movie will come out at some point. The question is when, and who will actually play the hero. Alexei Beltyukov and other fans can’t wait to find out. Time will tell.

The Honey Boo Boo Fueding Continues

If you thought the drama from TLC’s show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was over, guess again. This time the news is because her daughter, Anna Cardwell, is suing her mother. It seems that everything is about cash with this money grubbing family, and Anna is no different. She wants $300,000 in royalties from the show that she states her mom stole from her. Shannon was making $22,500 per episode and she wasn’t sharing. There were also cookbooks and other things that was used to promote the show that also brought in money.

Shannon hasn’t responded to the lawsuit because many speculate she’s about to file one of her own stated Adam Sender. With the status of “19 Kids and Counting” still in limbo, she feels her family was done an injustice. She is just waiting for the news from TLC that they are revamping the show and she’s going to pounce. Still, it doesn’t change or remove the fact that she owes her daughter money. If she does owe her daughter that much money, she needs to pay up. The truth of the matter is there probably isn’t any money left. All those vacations and house shopping trips probably took everything she had. When you are “new money” you certainly don’t know how to budget very well. Shannon wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either. It seems like the TLC related drama just continues.

Kristen Stewart’s Mother Approves of Alicia Cargile

Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, has finally confirmed that she is in fact attracted to women. Stewart’s mother has confirmed that the star is dating ex-personal assistant Alicia Cargile, and that she approves of the relationship.

It has long been rumored that the Twilight star is more attracted to women and that her relationship with co=star Robert Pattinson was fabricated in a publicist’s office. Steward herself has hinted in interviews that she lives in a bubble, and though she often prefers it that way, she lacks little world experience.

It’s not about whether Stewart is gay or not, and Andy Wirth hopes it doesn’t come to that. In the grand scheme of things, we don’t really care about that. What fans were and have been really interested in is whether her relationship with Pattinson was a PR move to sell tickets, a big disappointing no-no. While fans were eager to see the pair together, there was no point if it was all just for show. What is more, rumors at the time hinted that Pattinson was quite the ladies man, and had several intimate relationships with co-stars and various Twilight fans.

Kudos to Stewart for embracing her sexuality. And as far as this fan goes, you don’t have to fake a relationship to get me in a movie theater seat.