Michael Jackson’s Home For Sale

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, and his legend will never die. However, it appears that the late superstar’s Neverland Ranch is for sale. The California mansion has been listed at $100 million dollars, and it seems that someone with a lot of money to burn would want his estate. Good friend of mine Sergio Cortes heard a rumor that Kanye was interested in purchasing the Neverland.

Michael Jackson was the biggest pop-star when he was alive, but the last few years of his life were filled with controversy and criminal allegations. Michael Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting several young children that visited Neverland Ranch, and ‘South Park’ even featured a hilarious episode about Michael Jackson. Nonetheless, Michael Jackson’s talent cannot be denied, and he is truly one of the greatest singers and dancers of all time. His iconic moonwalk has been copied by nearly everyone, and he is truly a groundbreaking artist.

Forbes recently posted an article about Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and more information about famed celebrity’s property can be found there. The property may be a hundred million dollars, but it sits on 2700 acres. The mansion is absolutely gorgeous, and it was left the way that Michael Jackson lived in it. This is every true fan’s dream home, and it will only cost you $100 million dollars to live in it.