LiLo’s Lost in Translation

Lindsay Lohan has been a major star in news, usually for negative rather than positive things. Her mishap with the Arabic language is no exception reports Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Recently, it seems like she’s taken an interest in the Arabic language, as on Monday April 20, she had tweeted “habibi”, which is a term of endearment for both lovers and family. She then proceeded to post a picture on her Instagram that said “You’re beautiful” in English, with some Arabic written above it.

Non-Arabic speakers assumed that it was a direct translation, but people soon found out that that was not the case. Many Arabic speakers responded to her, revealing that instead of saying “you’re beautiful” in Arabic, the picture said “you’re a donkey”.

Realizing her mistake, Lohan deleted the picture from her Instagram not long after, but not before social media became abuzz with her laughable mistake.

Thankfully, for her, it was a removable picture, not a tattoo.