The unique flavors of EOS

EOS, or evolution of smooth, is a lip balm company. The company is known for its egg shaped lip balm containers. The company has many unique flavors, products, and even container styles. There are classic EOS, (egg shaped) EOS shimmer smooth spheres, (also egg shaped) Smooth sticks (the classic lip balm container) and lotions (which come in flat, egg shaped containers, or bottles.)

The original flavors are; sweet mint (also comes in smooth stick), passion fruit, medicated tangerine, honeysuckle honeydew, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry (also comes in smooth stick), and summer fruit. Visibly soft smooth spheres and active protection smooth spheres are also EOS products. The newest addition to the EOS lip balm family are the shimmer smooth spheres, which are lip balms that give the lips a slight shimmer.

The company also releases limited edition products for fall, winter, breast cancer awareness, etc. The 2016 limited edition flavors are Vanilla bean, winterberry (new) and soft honey apple. In addition to these different kinds, customers can also buy multi-packs, which many of the limited addition flavors come in.

The most popular flavors include; Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, and Blueberry Acai. You can find these flavors, and others at or at and many more websites.

**In addition to lip balms, EOS also sells lotions and shaving creams.

The company is donating all of its profits from the blossom berry lotion to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.**

Visit the company’s Facebook page and website to learn more.