Lohan Has Had 3 Years To Complete Community Service, She Hasn’t

If she doesn’t complete her community service by the May 28th deadline, Lindsey Lohan might be headed to jail.

The Liz & Dick star was ordered to complete 125 hours of community service back in 2012, after she crashed a Porsche into a dump truck along the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, and lied about being behind the wheel to police. Hour earlier Lohan allegedly punched a woman at Club Avenue in Manhattan.

Both incidents happened while Lohan was on probation for a shoplifting conviction. The original judgement required Lohan to complete 240 hours of community service, but was reduced to 125.

The star has had 3 years to complete 125 hours of community service, after committing no less than three separate crimes in different states, one of them being lying to the police, and she still has not been able to complete her hours according to my friends at Madison Street Capital.

No word on whether the star will face harsher judgement if she does not meet the May 28 deadline.