What Is the NutriMost System?

There is a huge amount of buzz on twitter surrounding a revolutionary, new weight loss program called NutriMost. Created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, this weight loss program, which was featured by news4SanAntonio is not like other diet systems. NutriMost doctors across the country use a cutting edge technology to custom tailor the diet program to work with the patient’s metabolism producing hormones.
Specifically, the NutriMost program (http://nutrimostrecipes.com/) uses resonance frequencies that tests the bodies galvanic pressure. In essence, this technology can communicate with the body and receive messages regarding the bodies physiochemical response. The machine can pinpoint the causes of weight gain and other wellness issues that can lead to imbalance in the body.

After a body scan is done, the patient works closely with their NutriMost doctor throughout the process to generate a healthy lifestyle change. The difference between this plan and other weight loss systems is easy. There are no pills, the patient does not have to exercise, and there are no special foods.

NutriMost uses body scan technology to demonstrate deficits in patient’s intake of vitamins, minerals, and general diet and will maximize the way patient’s bodies burn fat. This scan can be completed be the doctors throughout the process to ensure optimal body metabolism for a permanent lifestyle change.

There seems to be nothing but praise for the NutriMost system (https://nutrimost.com/members/weightloss/) from the members using the system and system seems to be worth the effort to ensure a permanent, healthy lifestyle change.