Kristen Weighs in on Her Show

“Last Man On Earth” is a comedy show about the end of the world, and a man who literally is alone on earth. The last man on earth ends up finding the last woman on earth and the show snowballs into finding other people as well. Last Man On Earth. Many people enjoy the new Fox series as it’s extremely hilarious, and the show provides comic relief. TMZ caught up with the actress from the show, Kristen Schaal, and they asked her a question.

Kristen was asked why the world was empty if everyone had died, and where did everyone go? Kristen, just like her character in the show, she gave a funny answer that makes sense. Kristen claims that maybe everyone disintegrated when they got sick and died, and maybe that’s why the world is completely empty. Those who are fans of the show “The Walking Dead,” they see everyone who dies from the disease. The dead in the show are walking around the earth, and they have to fight the dead in order to survive, but this show is different.

In this show, there are absolutely no people around, except for the ones who are alive and well. This show is hilarious, and it’s great for anyone who wants to have a laugh. The show is coming to the end of the season and many, like Gianfrancesco Genoso, wonder if a second season will be in the works. With Kristen’s character being so funny, this show may have a long run.