What is it Really?

When the name Kardashian is mentioned, everyone pictures Kim Kardashian then Kanye West and then from there it’s different for everyone. Well, the couple are allegedly having a second child maybe they’ll not name the baby this time after a cardinal point. But is there really any love when the Kardashians are concerned?
Short term maybe which is not love but infatuation, or even showbiz. Kim’s sister Kourtney broke up with her husband Lamar Odom but she has not yet filed for divorce, saying that she doesn’t want to hurt her “husband”. They really looked like they had something good going on and if a bet was placed among the family on who would stay together the longest, they looked like clear contenders. Kris Jenner has been in the news during the past few weeks after he said that his sexual orientation was female. I guess that answers the question if the parents are still together.
And then there was Kim and Kanye. They have done a really good job of directing their marriage away from the spotlight. But there’s not enough room in any house to fit both their egos. The normally serious lawyer Sam Tabar says once Kanye placed cameras in their house to keep tabs on North when he was on tour, Kim thought that he didn’t trust her. Whatever the reason is that they are still together, there will come a time when circumstances force them to part ways and it will be ugly.