Celebrity Fans of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the new mantra of energetic people all over the world. This not only includes athletes and entrepreneurs but also celebrities and regular people who have a hectic work schedule and need a strappy drink in the morning to keep their spirits high all day long. Many celebrities have included bulletproof coffee in their morning routines because the benefits of this coffee are manifold. By simply removing milk and cream and replacing it with grass fed, unsalted butter and MCT oil, the humble coffee can be taken to hitherto unattained heights.

Here are some celebrities who swear by bulletproof coffee

Ed Sheeran – During the music awards held in Los Angeles, Ed Sheeran opened up about bulletproof coffee and how the drink has changed his life. He mentioned that because of bulletproof coffee, he stays awake for 24 hours without feeling drowsy, even when he has woken up at 3am in the morning.

Shailene Woodley – The actor of the Divergent series and John Green’s TFIOS, spoke about bulletproof coffee on the Jimmy Fallon Show. She said that bulletproof coffee was not only great for the brain, it tasted delicious and made her extremely happy. She also implored everyone to try it and added that “fat is underrated”.

Jodie Meeks – It is a scientific fact that good fats and healthy oils can help athletes to recover from injuries much quickly. Not just that, different forms of this fat addition have been seen in the world of sports before bulletproof coffee was even invented. It is just that bulletproof coffee is a lot more delicious than other alternatives. This is why Jodie Meeks prefers his morning coffee to be bulletproof.

J.J. Virgin – She is the author of the famous “Virgin Diet” and even has various accolades for being a nutrition and fitness expert. J.J. Virgin is a fan of the bulletproof coffee and recommends it to everyone. Her ideal bulletproof coffee recipe includes 2 tbps. of liquefied, grass fed, unsalted butter and 15 to 30 ml of MCT oil mixed with bulletproof high performance coffee.

Jeremy Piven – The Entourage actor used bulletproof coffee was losing weight and even drank the coffee on the set of the movie. His bulletproof coffee was specially made by the team members of Bulletproof and Piven was absolutely astounded by the results.
Other celebrities who are fans of the bulletproof coffee include Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon.