Is Everyone Tired Of Hearing About The Feud Between Katie Perry And Taylor Swift?

Everyone seems to love to hear about two successful women who are fighting with each other, but it’s unfair to pit these two against each other. We’re talking about Taylor Swift and Katie Perry. Although these two may no longer be best friends, it doesn’t mean that they hate each other. Katy Perry & Taylor Swift. It is possible for two people to disagree with one another, never talk to each other, but they don’t have to hate each other. The news seems to love the so-called feud, and some are starting to print information that’s not true, just so they can turn these two against each other even more.

Some like Andy Wirth at Incorporate Olympic Valley have even put up bets to see who would win if these two fought against each other, and who would join which artist if it comes to them having to fight against each other. Really, everyone is getting sick and tired of this entire feud, and neither artist seems to be thinking about the other. Taylor Swift is currently on tour for her “1989” album, and Katie Perry is doing her own music as well as posing partially nude for a campaign. Sometimes, people just want there to be drama between two people, and the drama is never as big as people make it seem.

It’s sad to know that people would rather two musical artists to fight with each other, instead of getting along like everyone should. Maybe it’s time that everyone should grow up!