Rob Kardashian Sends Sweet Message To Kim

Kim Kardashian and her brother Rob have a very complex relationship. In the past, it seemed that they were best friends, but things haven’t remained so peaceful between them. In fact, many people around the world believe that Kim and Rob hate each other. However, it was recently revealed that the brother and sister have made up.

Kim Kardashian is now pregnant with her second child, and she has been having terrible bouts of morning sickness. Rob Kardashian heard about his big sister’s troubles, and he sent Kim Kardashian a very loving voicemail. LinkedIn suggested that Kim was touched by the message, and she wants to share it with the world. However, it seems that Rob Kardashian doesn’t want anybody to hear it.

Yahoo! recently published an article about this story, and Kardashian fans should definitely check it out. Nonetheless, it’s a good thing to see Robert and Kim Kardashian back together. Not long ago, Rob Kardashian posted some horrible Twitter messages about his sister. The brother and sister were at war, but now they are there for each other. As of right now, Rob Kardashian isn’t doing too well, and it seems that he has gained even more weight. The entire Kardashian family is very worried about Rob, and some people feel that Rob is trying to eat himself to death.

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Glam

According to Sergio Cortes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been trying to conceive baby number two ever since North was old enough to walk. It seem like they have had a tough time getting pregnant and that was mostly to Kim’s fertility complications. Initially the doctors told Kim that she would never have children but Kanye was able to get her pregnant and now, with the help of doctors they have managed to do it again. Now that Kim is with child her baby bump on being watched like a hawk. Everyone is looking at Kim to see if this pregnancy will be better than her last, and if anyone remembers her last that won’t be hard.

Kim’s pregnancy with North was cursed with horrible fashion mishaps, ugly red carpets and swollen ankles. Kim never got the hang of maternity wear when she was pregnant with North, for some reason she just wanted to look normal in clothes that pregnant women everywhere would never dream of wearing. It seemed that with every red carpet event Kim was meme’d and ridiculed, it was enough to scare most moms to be into seclusion.

Now Kim is making sure to look her very best, and this pregnancy is sure to be a hit. This week she was spotted in a sexy tight dress that exposed her plump cleavage, and then for an event to honor her father Rob Kardashian, Kim wore a gorgeous blush, satin gown that seems to just be draped ever some gently around her body. So far pregnancy number two is Kim’s most fashionable yet.

Kris Jenner Wants Lamar and Khloe To Work It Out

Khloe Kardashian, has had more than a decent amount of drama to go around in her life recently. While her family drama is never ending, the drama in her marriage is what everyone is really interested in the most. Just over a year ago Khloe and her husband Lamar called it quits on their marriage and Khloe filled for divorce after drugs sent Lamar over the edge. For the first time the world saw Lamar at his worst, going in and out of rehab, making eerie videos while high and even disappearing for days at a time. It was obvious why Khloe wanted to go far away from Lamar.

However Lamar seems to be living a clean and sober life and has been doing all he can to get Khloe back says Zeca Oliveira. For the time being Khloe is holding off on rekindling their romance, but she also has not go forward with the divorce, in fact that judge insisted that if they don’t move forward soon the case will be thrown out. Apparently neither party has done anything to finalize the divorce and in fact have been keeping in touch secretly.

Now it’s being said that Khloe wants to be with Lamar again, Kand Kris Jenner also is rooting for them to work things out in their marriage. This isn’t a shock considering how much Kris adored Lamar from the start, but will Khloe and Lamar commit to working things out? It’s safe to say everyone is watching and waiting to find out.

Bruce Jenner Gets A Manicure

Bruce Jenner is turning into a woman, and the whole world is eagerly awaiting his transformation. Bruce is the father of Kylie, Kendal and Brody Jenner, and he is a step-father to the Kardashian children. Bruce Jenner is now 65-years old, and he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman. He was recently seen walking down the street with a French-manicure and diamond earrings. Bruce Jenner is looking more and more like a women everyday. However, his transformation has become an extremely embarrassing situation to his family and friends.

Kylie and Kendal Jenner were recently asked what they thought of Bruce’s sex change. The girls were angry at the question, and they wouldn’t answer it. However, fans of the Kardashians are so excited for Bruce’s upcoming transformation, and they cannot wait to see what happens next. Brad Reifler (, a source over at E!, says that Bruce might get his own reality show, and it may even be more popular than “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Bruce Jenner’s sex change has become a media sensation, and people cannot wait to see what he looks like as a woman. Will he be pretty? Will he have awesome make up like the Kardashian girls? The future might shock us all, so we better get prepared. For more information on this story, visit USWeekly.

Bruce Jenner And The Kardashians Are Fueding

Bruce Jenner has gone through a tough year, and things may only get worse for him in the near future. However, Bruce Jenner recently announced that he has cut ties with the Kardashians. This comes as startling news to most of the Kardashians, but Bruce feels that they do not support him in his decision to become a woman.

The announcement of Bruce Jenner’s sex change has become a media frenzy, and many of the Kardashian girls have been hounded by the press about this subject admits PR rep Crystal Hunt ( for a detailed explanation). The only Kardashian that supports Bruce is Khloe, and she recently stated that she will always love him no matter what. However, Bruce’s ex wife Kris does not feel the same way. Kris Jenner stated that she is extremely embarrassed by Bruce Jenner’s decision, and she wishes that it wasn’t true. No matter what though, Bruce will soon become a woman.

On April 24th, Bruce Jenner will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer, and major information will be revealed about his future. The world will be watching, and hopefully, the Kardashian girls can forgive their former step-father. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have stated that they support their father no matter what. For more information on Bruce Jenner and his future, visit Yahoo!

Kylie Kardashian Black Face?


This just in, a Kardashian makes internet headlines. What else is new? It seems like someone in the Kardashian family is always catching the attention of the world. However, I must admit that the recent Kardashian news is a bit amusing.

Kylie Jenner was recently featured as the cover model of a magazine, but that’s not what caused the headlines around the world. The Kylie Jenner photos made the young model appear as if she was wearing “black face.” The photos of Kylie Jenner were photoshoped, and the model looked extremely dark. The pictures were uploaded to Kylie Jenners Twitter, and shortly thereafter, thousands of people poked fun at the young Kardashian. However, adamant fans of Kylie Jenner believe that she was trying to appear as an otherworldly creature.

The Kardashians are constantly making news headlines, but Kylie Jenner is only starting her ridiculous career said Ivan Ong. However, I believe that Bruce Jenner will garner the most headlines that any Kardashian or Jenner has ever received. Why, you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard yet, Bruce Jenner will be undergoing a sex change in the near future. Soon, everything that any Kardashian has ever done will be completely erased from the minds of all. Kylie Jenner will not have to worry about the “black face” incident. For more information on the Kylie Jenner “black face,” visit Buzzfeed.