J.Lo Sued for Being Too Sexy

Alexei Beltyukov suggests that there has never been a doubt that Jennifer Lopez was sexy. Even in her days as a “Fly Girl” on “In Living Colour” she always seemed to be someone that oozed sexiness. Few people would have expected that she would one day being getting sued for her sex appeal, but this appears to be the case.

The song “Booty” may have been a thrilling hit in America with a sexy video to match, but a live performance in Morocco was too much.. It had been reported that the live show that aired on television was too sexy for the conservative Morocco television audience. She had performed in Morocco before, but this is the first time that she has been on television there. It is possible that this may be the last.

Lopez is getting ready to take her live show to Vegas next year, and this may be just the type of hype that she needs to sell tickets. Getting sued is never any fun, but the publicity that comes with being too sexy is always going to be good for entertainers.

Right now Lopez isn’t doing anything. She isn’t in any current movies. Her guest judge role on American Idol is over. No new album is being released right now. Her residency in Las Vegas doesn’t start until 2016. She needs this to keep her name hot until she starts a new project.

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