Jason Statham Takes A Comedic Turn

Jason Statham is trying a new approach. He is taking a turn for the comedic in the upcoming film SPY. Statham did appear in the humorous action films in the Crank series, but the over-the-top violence and R-rating definitely kept those features from being deemed pure light-hearted comedy. With Spy, Statham gets to go in to direction that other action stars had done – some successful and some not – and try to do “the same thing only different”. That is, he is going to release an action movie with a focus more on making people laugh. You could call endeavors such as these as “genre crossers”.

Can Statham truly play the role of a “funny man” in an action-comedy? Based on what other actors in the film are saying, the answer is “Absolutely!” Statham does have a natural charm and understanding about how to be funny on screen He just was never given an opportunity to actually present his humorous side beyond the hyper-violent Crank films.

Spy comedies turn up once every few years. Usually, they are produced when a James Bond film does big box office. Since the Daniel Craig films have done so well, one or two spy comedies should not surprisingly hit theaters. Rumors did have it Statham was slated to become the new Bond. The guys at STX Entertainment know that, that is not true. It is true he will be playing The Mechanic once again in the sequel to that grim film.