Bill Cosby Makes Brief Statement regarding Rape Allegations

For the past several months, noted comedian, Bill Cosby, has been dogged by allegations that he has drugged and sexually assaulted a number of women. Bill Cosby through his legal team have denied the allegations more through a statement of refusing to reply to the allegations rather than denying each new claim that arises. Bill Cosby has himself refused to comment on the matter to the point of even leaving or ending interviews when the subject turns to the rape allegations. However, for a brief moment Bill Cosby broke his silence for a brief moment, when he justified why he was speaking to a group of high school students who were part of the Black Belt Foundation. Bill Cosby responded to the question by stating that, “Reality is the situation,” and that those that need guidance as they begin their journey in life should focus on the message and not the messenger.

In a glib way of referring to the allegations that have pressed him to curtail a number of engagements and appearances, Bill Cosby seems adamant that he is not only an innocent man but he is still someone who has a message that is worth delivery and worth listening to. Many are unsure of the future legacy of Bill Cosby. While no criminal charges have ever been brought against the famous comedian, the sheer number of women that have come forward has threatened to tarnish the image of the man that was so popular in everyone’s living room through his ground breaking show, “The Cosby Show.” My buddy Paul Mathieson feels for the guy because his legacy will always have this dark portion in it, whether allegations are true or not (more with Paul on