Herbalife Football Sports Partnership

Herbalife Nutrition is a leading company in the sports nutrition industry. Herbalife is a provider of good quality products and programs that support good nutrition. The company began in 1980 with the mindset of aiding the community around them with the resources to live a fulfilled life of health and happiness. Today, the company has around eight thousand employees and annual sales exceeding over four billion dollars.


Customers are attracted to Herbalife because of their wide selection of programs and products that enable people to get into shape and eat healthier. The company has a set of independent distributors that sell the products to customers. These distributors are heavily influenced in the company’s select nutritional programs. The company provides coaching on a one on one basis to customers. The company also makes sure customers feel like they are apart of a supportive community of people aiming to live a healthy and satisfied life. The company also has a foundation that works with the independent distributors to make sure customers are provided the utmost care and solutions for aging, weight management, nutrition and healthcare related costs. The products this company sells are always science backed and are made in company owned facilities to ensure the Herbalife promise is being thoroughly carried out.


Herbalife works with many different events, sports teams and athletes. They have a roster of about ninety different athletes they have landed sponsored partnership deals with. Recently, the nutrition company signed a deal with Jonathan dos Santos. Johnathon is a Galaxy midfielder and apart of the Mexican National Team member. Herbalife signed the football star to a multi-year deal through 2021. The company selected the football player for this partnership due to his commitment to living a leading healthy lifestyle. With his large influence, he can be a voice to other people and promote to them the importance of eating healthy and setting and attaining nutritional goals.


Johnathan being the official sports performance and nutrition Herbalife partner, he will be able to have access to the company’s host of nutritional products. These products will help the footballer’s performance by keeping him hydrated and energized. The athlete is eager to be apart of Herbalife and wants to work to spread the company’s mission.