Eric Lefkofsky Changes the World Through Businesses and Volunteer Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is probably most well-known for being one of the co-founders of Groupon. You know that awesome site where a bunch of people get good deals on places to go and things to do. What most people do not realize is that Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping technology companies, such as Groupon, get on their feet as stated in He started out with a law degree but chose to start a business instead. He bought an apparel company which had success but the real beginning started with Starbelly, one of the first online shopping sites to hit the World Wide Web. After only a year, Starbelly was bought out by another company. Then he started Echo Global Logistics, which was helped out by one of the largest technology companies in the World. One of his more recent projects, Tempus, is proving to be a huge success for the medical world.

Originally just a financial supporter of cancer research, Lefkofsky decided to get more hands on when he heard of Tempus. He found out about Tempus when they came to Lighthouse, a venture capitalist firm that Lefkofsky founded with his college friend and business partner. The goal of is to create customized health care plans for cancer patients in real time. According to the website, Tempus “collects and analyzes large amounts of genomic data using statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms to uncover opportunities to assist a patient’s physician in providing more precise and personalized medicine”. At current moment, Tempus is working with breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients but they expect to expand soon.

In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer of a company that is driven to help people find some comfort knowing they will be accurately taken care of, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife created a foundation with the goal of giving back half of their income to valuable businesses in the Chicago area. Seeing all that Lefkofsky it is not a wonder that people all over Chicago and across the world are better because of his efforts.

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