Lawrence Bender’s Creative Genius in Movies Like Django Unchained

I am not one who typically pays attention to producers in various movie that I enjoy. I usually tend to focus more on the performance of the actors and the plotline itself. However, I recently discovered that more than a handful of my favorite movies were all produced by the same person. That person was Lawrence Bender and it was truly shocking to see how many of my favorite movies he had produced or been an assistant producer on during development.

Lawrence Bender has led several lives during the course of his career. He was originally born in Brooklyn in 1957 and grew up with a father who was a professor and worked in civil engineering. He attended the University of Maine, where he graduated with a strong grade record and a degree in civil engineering. However, he soon fell in love with the overall experience of working in the arts and decided on a career in dance. After an injury sidelined him from having a professional career in dance, he soon developed a passion for the film industry and decided to take on a job as a producer.

He has had an illustrious career since he came onto the film scene in 1987. Lawrence Bender was produced gold mind movies including Kill Bill 1 and 2, Django Unchained, Good Will Hunting, An Inconvenience Truth and Inglorious Bastards. Lawrence Bender’s films are some of the most memorable of my generation and all carry a sort of undertone and break from the typical film that give them a flavor that is hard to pinpoint through acting alone.

Django Unchained is an incredible film that follows Jaimie Fox’s character during the slavery era as he attempts to rescue his wife from semi-crazed plantation owner, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The entire film is seamless and bring a sense of modern era to the film telling of a slave story that is similar to one we all must have heard or red. The story weaves in both the haunting awfulness of the time, but still manages to squeeze in a few laughs along with incredible scenes that brings to audience to stand up and clap for Fox’s character.