EOS Shimmer Lip Balm For The Fashionistas

EOS has a shimmer lip balm on the market not only keeps your lips healthy and smooth, but it also provides your lips with a nice shimmery sheer of color that will make you stand out. EOS three shimmer lip balms are sheer pink, pearl, and coral, order now here on amazon.de. Sheer pink provides users with a light pink shimmer over their lips like a lip gloss would provide except with the great health benefits of lip balm. Pearl provides users with a light shimmer coat of lip balm over their natural lip shade to make their natural lip color pop more than normal. Coral shimmer lip balm is a coral shaded shimmer lip balm that gives people a hint of coral over their lips.

EOS lip balm is great for those who want a well working product for a decent price but what most customers don’t realize is that EOS also makes lotions and shave cream to not only keep your lips visibly soft but to keep your skin visibly smooth and soft also, see also dm.de. EOS shave cream comes in 4 different scents and can be used when shaving both wet or dry so that you as a customer can get super soft skin without having to worry about being nicked by your razor or having razor burn after shaving. EOS hand and body lotion provides people with protection against getting dry skin by providing users with a smooth skin feeling. Hand lotions include cucumber, berry blossom, vanilla orchid, and fresh flowers. Whereas body lotions include berry blossom, delicate petals, and extra dry vanilla orchid. Extra dry vanilla orchid provides customers who have a really hard time combatting dry skin with a strong protection against it. Vanilla orchid hand lotion is an intensive hand lotion that provides more moisture and protection against dry skin than other EOS hand lotions.