Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg Tips on How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

The Techstyle Fashion Group is a firm that deals with a variety of beauty and clothing among other accessories. The firm was founded by Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg. By the time the two were forming the company, they had little information on fashion related topics. All they had was the desire to satisfy the needs and requests of their customers.

Mr. Goldenberg is among the few businesspeople who joined the business world at his younger age. He was only fifteen years when he entered into the corporate world. Since then, he has been in various management positions across the nation. He has started firms and seen them through to success levels. The first company that Mr. Goldenberg owned was the Gameras Alliance. During this time of his life, he specialized in offering marketing advice for the different gaming sites. In the year 1996, Adam decided to sell Gameras Alliance to the Intermix Company. By the age of 20 years, Adam Goldenberg had already joined the circus of senior management team.

Don Ressler almost followed the same path to success. The Intermix Companies bought off Ressler’s website known as the By the time he was selling his site, Don had accumulated enough resources capable of starting and running some companies. The availability of funds to invest convinced Ressler to join the fashion business.

It is during their time at Intermix that Don and Adam became best of friends. As their friendship grew, they decided to invest in a common cause. They started a business. Their idea was to develop an e-commerce store as their brand. They decided to brainstorm and see how they benefit from the steadily growing online shopping venture. In their mind they thought, why not start a store for comfortable and trendy clothes?

With the right information, the two decided to invest in a firm known as JustFab. They would then use the company to offer personalized athletic products for their clients every month. The two went ahead to analyze the market and make a decision on the best possible way to match and mix various fashion trends. With this, the two investors were in a position to attract a customer base that later gained confidence in the choice of products that the two were selling. In the year 2016, the JustFab Company was rebranded to Techstyle. Since then, the firm has turned to become one of the largest online stores on land.

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