Equities First Holdings AU- LLC

To support the economy of a country, Al Christy Jr began a company that can offer financial support to the investors. Equities First Holdings started in Australia in the year 2002. The company provides quick cash to corporate entities and individuals who show the willingness to increase their net worth.

The money provided can help startup new ventures and improve on the existing ones. Equities First Holdings established in China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Much of his life, Mr. Christy spent studying the market strategies. Therefore, he came up with a model that helps in operation.

The set rules and regulations guide the workers in executing their duties. The guidelines help avoid scrutiny by the regulatory bodies. We use the performance of shares and stocks to determine the amount of credit to give out to the public. Equities First Holdings can also give a hand with the credit control.

For details: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_Group_Holdings_Limited

How Equity First Holdings is Providing Flexible Financial Solutions to its Clients

Equity First Holdings (EFH) has made a name for itself by offering alternative financial solutions to its clients who range from individuals to corporate entities. The company focuses offering stock-based and margin loans in a financing climate that has seen traditional lenders such as banks tightening their lending criteria. This is particularly beneficial to borrowers who are in urgent need of funds but do not qualify for traditional credit-based loans.

Equity landing remains the most suitable financial option for such individuals since they can easily receive working capital. EFH’s CEO and founder Al Christy, points out that stock-collateralized loans are an inventive borrowing alternative. Such loans have a bigger loan to value ratio than traditional loans. In addition, they come with a fixed interest rate. This provides a degree of certainty throughout the transaction. These are some of the reasons why stock-based loans have gained popularity among upstart entrepreneurs and those who wish to expand their businesses.


Facts About Stock-based Loans

Christy states that for one to qualify for a margin loan, he or she must be qualified. The interest rates charged on the loans may vary between 10 and 50%. However, this depends on the lender. The lending institution can similarly choose to liquidate the collateral of a borrower during a margin call without sounding a warning. In as much as stock-based loans have been ignored for a long time, they are slowly being seen as a viable way of receiving quick funding. Companies such as EFH are upholding ethical business practices. This is helping change people’s perception towards stock-based loans.

Equity First Holdings in Brief

The firm has distinguished itself due to the provision of top-notch financial solutions. It delivers financial services that exceed the expectations of its clients. EFH is committed to providing capital, which goes a long way in helping clients to realize their professional and personal financial goals.

Since its formation in 2002, EFH has managed to complete over 650 transactions, which are valued at over 1.4 billion dollars. The firm has particularly become renowned for providing high-value loans at low interest rates. EFH has a global outlook with subsidiaries in London, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.