Class Dojo Hits the Mark When it Comes to Interactive Education

Class Dojo is an educational app that links students, parents and teachers in a cooperative effort in education. With Class Dojo, live photos, videos, class projects, music and a host of other formats are possible so that parents, teachers can all be on the same page in knowing fully what is going on at school.

Class Dojo is currently being utilized and applied in over 90 percent of all schools in the United States from Kindergarten through the eighth grade. The app has been translated into over 35 different languages worldwide. It is one of the most popular apps used in the public schools today because it has unlimited possibilities in learning today.

It has been featured on the NBC Today Show, in Forbes Magazine. Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch and many other news features and publications. It is very popular because there are no limits as to what it can be used for. Special projects, math class, physical education, band and orchestra and many other usages find Class Dojo to be the perfect venue for sharing.

Teachers don’t need to send out paper newsletters anymore, they can just display the information on Dojo. Students can be proud of their work knowing that their parents can see what they are actually doing in class. Parents really like the fact that they can tune into any classroom setting or special project and know what their children are doing in school.

Parents have the opportunity to speak directly with teachers in regard to their children each day if necessary. If the child is sick that day, or has any special issues that need to be addressed, it is easily accomplished. When students do well in reading or class behavior, a slight ping and a cartoonish monster come up on the student’s app as a “reward.” The app came about from listening to teachers, and then putting into action what they needed to include all parties in the educational process.