Treat Your Dog with Beneful

Our dogs are like members of the family, so naturally we want to feed them only the very best brand of dog food. With all the options on Wal-Mart grocery stores today, the choices can be overwhelming. You want to purchase from a company with an excellent reputation that uses nutritional ingredients and offers flavors your four-legged friend will love. Beneful dog food meets all of these criteria.
Beneful Originals dry dog food ( comes in three different varieties: Beef, chicken, and salmon. This choice is the perfect option for everyday health and combines real meat flavors with vegetables like spinach, peas, and carrots.

Growing puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs. During their first year, it is vital that they are fed nutrient dense food to help support healthy development. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food is high in calcium, and other nutrients, making it an ideal blend for young, developing dogs.

For adult dogs who tend to pack on the pounds easily, help keep them at their best with Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. Made with chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans, this mixture of tender and crunchy morsels will keep your dog, and the scale, happy.

If your dog is a bundle of energy, he needs food that can keep up with him. Beneful’s Playful Life dry dog food is made with beef, egg, blueberries, and spinach and gives him the fuel to stay active.

Beneful also makes a line of wet dog food ( in a variety of tasty flavors and blends that your dog is sure to love. Their savory medleys include combinations like turkey with sweet potatoes, beef with carrots and barley, and lamb with brown rice. Mix it with his dry dog food as a special treat!

When it comes to nutrition, value, and taste, there is a reason dogs and their owners love Beneful.



Tasty Food and Treats from Beneful

When it comes to your pet, of course you want to feed it the best of the best. With a wide variety of options, Beneful allows you to choose the right food for your dog. Whether it’s dry food, wet food, or a delicious treat, Beneful has your dog covered. Sticking to the basics, there is the original dry dog food, which is made with real salmon. Knowing that vegetables are important in every diet, the original dry dog food includes carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. With all of these nutrients in Beneful, your dog will maintain both good health and a shiny coat.

For those pups that are on a diet or simply need to watch their weight, Beneful offers healthy weight dry dog food which is made with real chicken. Dogs get the nutrients from apples, green beans, and carrots, while still maintaining a healthy caloric intake. Beneful recognizes that some dogs prefer wet food, as they offer a variety of options of chopped blends. The Beneful wet dog food chopped blends made with beef, tomatoes, wild rice, and carrots is highly rated because it is easy for dogs to eat and contains many nutrients essential for good health on A blast of flavor can be found in the chopped blends with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach; the sauce in this blend gives these nutrients a kick of flavor and is loved by fuzzy friends.

Of course, dogs deserve treats for their loyalty and sweet tricks (or sometimes simply for staying out of trouble). Not only does Beneful on facebook offer treats that your pup will enjoy, but these treats are also good for teeth. Healthy smile dental ridges support strong teeth and bones, as well as freshens dog breath. Reducing tartar and plaque buildup, these treats are as beneficial as they are tasty. Dog food choices from Beneful are something that both a dog and his best friend will appreciate.

Why I Love Beneful Dog Food For My Dog

My dog is a part of my life, and I want to make sure that it only receives the best healthy food in the business. Beneful is a brand that I use every single day for my dog. With zero unnatural and unhealthy ingredients, I can be sure that this brand is giving my dog the nutrition on that he needs to be strong and healthy. Some dogs struggle with their health because of a lack of good nutrition and not getting the right amount of foods into their system. Being wise with what you feed them should be your main goal.

Why I Love Beneful Dog Food For My Dog

First of all, the brand is known for being very professional with their options. They know how to create foods that you’re going to love and will ultimately enjoy in the future because of their taste and how they are made. Crafted by some of the best ingredients in the world, you can be sure that Beneful is a brand that will fulfill your every dream on achieving a healthier life. The brand has achieved nothing but amazing success over the years because of their impeccable approach to crafting only the best products in the industry.

I love Beneful on petco also because of how they handle business and what they offer their clients all the time. They just love crafting food that dogs are going to love. You can be sure that this brand is making good food for dogs because they use real food. They never use annoying additives or by products that will ultimately affect your dog’s overall health. It’s safe to say that some dogs must be given the right amount of Beneful foods that are safe and healthy.

Beneful is by far one of the best brands in the world today because of what they offer, how they provide great products, and the things they give their clients. They also do numerous charity work for dogs and those in need of a place to give their dogs a relaxing and fun atmosphere by improving and building dog parks around the nation.