Southridge Capital: Cryptocurrency Revolution

Southridge is one of many companies that is aware of the growing potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are now one of the most popular financial assets in the media. Most people still have no understanding of how the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies works. The unique technology is called blockchain. The blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt every industry and change our entire lives. Many governments and corporations realize that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize how business is done and they are spending a lot of money to develop their own special blockchain needs that will fit their business models.


The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exploded when the general public learned about some of the largest banks in the world trying to use Bitcoin for business transactions. Traders now can speculate with cryptocurrency in the futures market because of companies like the CME Group. Now there are many financial corporations that are seeking ways that will enable their clients to easily transact in cryptocurrencies. Southridge Capital realizes that the cryptocurrency revolution is affecting other areas besides the world of finance. Rick Hilton planned to sell a Roman mansion worth $38 million in a cryptocurrency auction. One property in Miami was sold earlier in the year for Bitcoin worth $6 million. Mr. Hilton is selling property through a real estate company that is now utilizing the blockchain technology to enable customers to receive deeds for their property online in an instant. Mr. Hilton is very bullish about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is an advisor to AQUA Intelligence. This company plans to launch its own cryptocurrency and hopes to be a leading company in the hospitality industry that utilizes the blockchain.


Stephen Hicks is the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital. He got the idea to start his own company while he was working for a hedge fund in New York. The principal of the hedge fund planned to close the fund and return to Australia. Mr. Hicks decided he could start his own company and formed Southridge Capital in 1996. He feels positive about the current trends in the cryptocurrency space and in the new marijuana industry. For more details you can visit their facebook and  twitter account.