David Mcdonald : The man behind three decades of OSI Group growth

In the wake of the new millennium, OSI Group has seen a considerable amount of growth, from generating year after year revenue growth and expanding their brand into other markets across the world, OSI is no doubt under the right leadership. The food provider giant’s roots are any but glamours, in fact, at the time of its founding, OSI Group was nothing more than a corner store butcher shop owned and operated by Otto Kolschowsky. Of course, today OSI is the leader in not only providing food products to companies such as Mcdonalds but also in introducing innovative technologies or methods that provide better quality food for society. Check out  David McDonald OSi Group at Food and Drinks.

Under the leadership of current President David McDonald, growth and innovation have come to be something expected every year. Mcdonald was born in a northeastern Iowa farm which allows him to understand a little better the beginning stages of the food line. David McDonald also holds various educational credentials including a bachelors in animal science from the Iowa State University where received various awards for his outstanding character and community service achievements. For three decades now David Mcdonalds has held the titled of President and COO of one of the worlds largest food providers, however, even with all this work, David has never forgotten about his Iowa roots. David Mcdonalds understands the importance of innovation and leadership, therefore, David has come to be one of the most generous donors to the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative at the state university as well as the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. If that wasn’t enough, David Mcdonald also provides Iowa state students the opportunity to hold internships at their nearest OSI facilities. Recently, due to his contributions to the university, David Mcdonald was awarded the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award. There is no doubt that under the leadership of David Mcdonald, OSI Group will continue to see growth in the upcoming years.

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Paul Herdsman’s 12 Tips For Successful Entrepreneurship

Paul Herdsman, the founder and COO of NICE Global, recently shared the tips that made him a successful global entrepreneur. See This Article for more information on Paul Herdsman.


Here are the twelve tips (12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman) that he believes can help translate any dream into a successful business venture.


Have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will help you release positive energy and keep you hopeful. Paul Herdsman advises entrepreneurs to list down the things they are grateful for regularly.


Take calculated risks. Entrepreneurs should try out different ideas to know what works and what does not work for them. However, research and assess the risks involved in any ideas before venturing into them.


Follow your passion. Ensure you derive pleasure from your business venture. This pleasure will keep you going even when you are not getting a good return.


Have a clear vision. You should have a roadmap with clear short-term and long-term goals for your business.


Gather the right team. When selecting your employees, incorporate diverse but complementary skills. However, Paul Herdsman emphasizes the values that they hold matter more. He states that employees can acquire skills, but they may not easily change their values.


Avoid shortcuts. When getting into entrepreneurship, you must be ready to work hard for your success. Do not expect to succeed overnight.


Learn from your failures. Failure is an integral part of any business. You should acknowledge your failures, reflect on them, and make adjustments to avoid repeating them.


Know your clients. Listen to your clients and align your business to their needs.


Deliver beyond your client’s expectations. Paul Herdsman urges entrepreneurs to do more for clients than what they expect. According to him, this will make the clients trust you with more work and recommend you to others.


Be persistent. Do not give up on your business even when you face hurdles.


Get a mentor. Identify a person who has succeeded in the same business and follow his or her advice.


Remain focused. Avoid deviating from your goal. Incorporate ideas that are in line with your core business principles.


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An Overview Of Alexandre Gama’s Career Highlights

Mr. Gama studied at the prestigious Brazilian university, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Alexandre Gama began studying there in 1977 and completed his first undergraduate bachelor degree program at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in 1981. His first bachelor degree major there was in business and corporate communications.

A year later after graduating, Alexandre Gama would re-enroll at his alma matter. This time, Alexandre Gama began studying commericial and advertising art. He completed his second bachelor degree program in 1989 after a period of seven years of on and off studying.

A Look At The Skills Of Alexandre Gama

As a native of Brazil, Alexandre Gama speaks fluent Portuguese and it is his native language. In addition, Alexandre Gama has a working proficiency in Spanish and English. Some of his skills include, marketing communications, digital marketing, creative strategy, branding and development of an identity, strategic communications, marketing strategy, advertising, digital media and marketing.

A Look At Alexandre Gama’s Career In Marketing

In 1999, Alexandre Gama decided to start up his own advertising agency which he called Neogamma. The services that Neogamma provides includes branding, corporate and financial image building, creative strategy, planning and business strategy. Mr. Gama serves as both the chief executive officer at Neogamma and its chief creative officer. Neogamma has now consistently been ranked as one of the top marketing and branding firms in Brazil. Its founder and CEO is also one of the most influential people in the marketing, media and branding industry in Brazil as well.

In 2016, Alexandre Gama joined the Global Creative Board as a board member. This is a publicist communications holding company that is based in Paris, France. Its committee includes some of the world’s leading advertising, marketing and branding industry leaders. Alexandre Gama is the only Brazilian to serve at the Global Creative Board.

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