Brown and Garner Cases bring Samuel L. Jackson to the Forefront

The Michael Brown and Erik Garner cases have thousands of people up in arms because the police officers were not indicted on murder charges after their deaths. Celebrities and athletes took to social networking sites to show their vehemence for the people who made that decision, and race relations are worse than they have been in over fifty years.

The city of Ferguson suffered from rioting after the police officer in the Michael Brown case was not indicted. This is not the first case and probably will not be the last as people become angrier with each incident. The Trayvon Martin case was similar to these two cases, except the man accused of murder was not a police officer. He was also acquitted of murder charges.

Many people ask when this type of behavior will stop. It is believed by many that the incidents are race related. It is not likely that word would have spread so widely on any of these cases had it not been for the internet that allows information to be shared instantly. Everyone, even Terry Richardson has an opinion about it and everyone shares that opinion on social networking sites. The thoughts range from shock that police could do this to belief that the police were within their rights to take the actions they took. Samuel L. Jackson even called for everyone to join together in singing “We Ain’t Gonna Stop Until People Are Free”. He hopes that it will be as popular as the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” was over the summer.

Kim and Kanye Save Mason’s 5th Birthday

This weekend Kourtney and Scott both had the joy of welcoming their newest member to the family, their third child is a healthy baby boy and the Kardashians and Disick families could not be happier with the news of the new baby as Vijay Eswaran reported on YouTube.

There is only one crazy coincidence the new baby made his entrance on Mason’s birthday, while that is an amazing and adorable surprise it also means that Mason’s birthday would have been a fail if it wasn’t for auntie Kim and hubby Kanye. Apparently Kim was not about to let Mason’s 5th birthday pass without a celebration, Kim went into full aunty mode and set up a trip to the Staples Center to see Disney on Ice. 

In toe were baby North, Mason’s little sister Penelope, Kanye and of course the birthday boy mason. At the show the family made sure to snap lots of pics to share and look back on. Mason seemed to have a great time and Penelope is absolutely adorable. Kim made sure to get front seats to the show and did not take her eyes off of the little ones, Kanye also appeared to take uncle duty very seriously and kept the food and drinks coming throughout the show.

It looks like with all the drama that surrounds the Kardashian family they always make sure to pull together when it counts and even Kanye seems to fit right in as the uncle and new dad, maybe things aren’t as bad as the media makes it seem.

Johnny Depp’s Bride to Gets Cold Feet

The time has come, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have finally decided to tie the knot and everything is set, including the fantasy island Johnny owns in the Bahamas named after Amber and the guest list including UCG alum like Bruce Levenson.. However recently it’s been reported that the 28-year-old bride to be has been getting cold feet, Depp fans rejoice. Apparently Johnny has been putting up some pretty alarming red flags that leave Amber less than thrilled about the whole “Till death do us part” thing.

While the wedding is said to be a very small intimate setting, now it sounds like there is some doubt that the wedding will actually take place at all. A source has revealed that Amber is rather put off by Depp’s “erratic behavior” and “awful mood swings.” 

After over a year of dating some may wonder why is Amber just now realizing the error of Depp’s ways? Others are wondering if there is some truth to the fact that Depp’s overwhelming highs and lows could be the real reason for his revolving door of romances.

Considering Depp’s track record it’s not hard to believe that maybe, it’s him. After his marriage of two years to Lori Anne Allison ended in the 80s Depp moved on to Actress Vanessa Paradis, the two dated for 14 years and produced two children before finally going their separate ways in 2012. It seems that even if Amber does go through with the wedding it may only be a matter of time before she’s fed up.

Is Johnny running off the ladies with his crazy behavior?

Miley Cyrus Loves CoCo

Anyone who knows Miley Cyrus, knows that she is full of controversy. Miley has recently stated how much she likes the song “CoCo, by O.T. Genasis. Miley even did a stint on stage with the artist, at a Miami club, where she wore a glittery wig, and was dancing around the stage. Miley Cyrus & CoCo. The song CoCo is quickly rising to fame and popularity on YouTube, and has gotten over 13 million hits since its release onto the website. With big artists like Miley Cyrus backing it, who knows how far the popularity of the song will go.

Recently, in New York, O.T. performed the song on stage, and he was alongside his mentor, who is Busta Rhymes. Unfortunately, Busta Rhymes was dancing extremely hard, and bobbing his head, while the music was playing, and he fell head first off the stage. Busta Rhymes ending up getting a bad cut on his head, but more than likely his ego was more badly bruised. The video of Busta Rhymes falling off the stage has been put on the internet, and also aired on TMZ recently.

Keith Mann says bad press from that fall did not hurt the popularity of the song, the fall might even make the song become more popular, especially seeing that the two were associated with the each other. All and all, O.T. may have some more fame to look forward to, and performing with Miley Cyrus, doesn’t hurt his chances of fame either.

Laurene Powell Jobs Quietly Gets the Job Done

With little fanfare, back in 1997, Laurene Powell Jobs and Carlos Watson co-founded College Track in Palo Alto, CA. She worked behind the scenes then, but is now beginning to find her voice. With a net worth of $11.7 billion, Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has become more visible in her philanthropy and her political causes since her husband’s death. More visible, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has always been an advocate for education reform for minority and low income students.

College Track, a non-profit organization, was created to help disadvantaged, first-generation college students increase their graduation rate, and in the areas where College Track operates, the numbers are impressive. About 70 percent of College Track’s high school graduates finish college in six years, compared to the national average of 24 percent of first generation college students. College Track now has facilities in East Palo Alto, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans and Aurora, CO. There’s a wait list of five cities hoping to have a center.

While Powell Jobs does not disclose how much financial support she provides the organization, each year, Pixar, a company Steve Jobs helped begin, sells tickets to a screening of a film which benefits College Track. In 2013, tickets for a screening of “Monsters University” sold for $1,000.

She is a supporter of the DREAM Act in Congress, has spoken to the media about its importance and commissioned a documentary called “The Dream Is Now.” The 30-minute film, produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, is available for viewing on a web site she created. She’s shown the film to members of Congress as well.

Politically, as a high-profile donor to “Ready for Hillary,” she donated $25,000 to the super PAC in early 2014. She’s donated to political campaigns of Democratic candidates in California, in addition to supporting school reform. Her support goes beyond the California border to support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). She’s been a fundraiser for Americans for Responsible Solutions, an anti-gun violence group.

Powell Jobs is both founder and chair woman of the Emerson Collective, which is structured like a small business rather than a charitable organization. The advantage is that they can make grants, investments and donations without the same reporting regulations of a foundation. The Emerson Collective concentrates on advancing social reform through entrepreneurship.

She has a seat on the boards of directors of College Track, The Foundation for Excellence in Education, NewSchools Venture Fund, Conservation International and Stanford University.

Her public profile increased in January 2012 when she sat next to the First Lady during the State of the Union address. She stands as a visible and recognizable advocate of immigration reform along with top technology company executives, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, that support reform as well.

Jamie Oliver Punishes 12-Year Old Daughter With Pepper

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is taking a lot of criticism because of his deciding to punish his 12-year old daughter with an extremely hot pepper.

In a statement at the BBC Good Food Show, Oliver said: “Poppy was quite disrespectful and rude to me and she pushed her luck. In my day I would have got a bit of a telling-off but you are not allowed to do that. Five minutes later she thought I had forgotten and I hadn’t. She asked for an apple. I cut it up in several pieces and rubbed it with Scotch Bonnet and it worked a treat. She ran up to mum and said, ‘This is peppery.’ I was in the corner laughing.” He added that his wife told him, “Don’t you ever do that again.”

For those unaware, Scotch Bonnets are among the world’s hottest peppers. In fact, the hottest Scotch Bonnet is 140 times hotter than the mildest jalapeno.

Oliver later said, “I give them chillies for punishment. It is not very popular beating kids anymore, it’s not very fashionable and you are not allowed to do it and if you are a celebrity chef like me it does not look very good in the paper. So you need a few options.”

Bernie Geary has been one of Oliver’s most vocal critics of this matter, referring to him as a ‘dickhead’ on his radio show. Many people agree somewhat, but they might not use that term. Laurene Powell Jobs is just one of them. Geary said, “If he’s joking it’s not even appropriate because some parents and families might think it’s a legitimate or alternative way of disciplining children. He’s way off the planet as far as I’m concerned.”

Whoopi Says No Way About Bill Cosby

Headlines are filled with the Bill Cosby story making this a he said, she said story of a lifetime. As more women join the files of accusers the talk shows are buzzing with opinions. Whoopi Goldberg jumps on that bandwagon with her own thoughts concerning the allegations.
Whoopi makes it apparent that she is definitely on Team Cosby when this matter comes up. In a recent show she blatantly states that the women are “making stuff up”. She calls for the public to stand down “until you know it’s true, it’s an allegation” and states her opinion that the general public are in a modern day witch hunt of sorts.
Discussing with her co-hosts that this sort of sex accusations have followed many popular celebrities and that Bill Cosby deserves to have some respect. Her plea to the public is that until the proof lies on one side of the story or another everyone should give them the benefit of the doubt.
While Whoopi continues to stand up for the ever popular comedian Rosie O’Donnell is not as forgiving. Rosie shoots back at Whoopi’s optimism with her own questions on the subject. This is something that catches Stephen Williams wine off-guard. Pointedly she asks Whoopi why the women would accuse when they have nothing to gain stating did those women just “woke up one day and said I want to ruin Bill Cosby?”
Adamantly Goldberg only answered with a plain, “Maybe.”
Guilty or not, Whoopi has decided to stand by the man who personifies the family father.

Cosby Mum on Allegations in Interview

On November 13th, a woman named Barbara Bowman came forward in an op-ed written in the Washington Post to address allegations that she had previously made about comedian Bill Cosby raping her 30 years ago. This weekend, Cosby appeared on National Public Radio with his wife to talk about artwork that they had loaned out to he Museum of African Art and when “Weekend Edition” host Scott Simon asked Cosby about the allegations, Cosby literally responded by not answering.


Simon pressed Cosby, explaining that fans and people who love Cosby would be anxious to hear him respond to the allegations, but Cosby would only shake his head to Simon, who relayed Cosby’s non-answer to the audience. The interview on NPR was not the first blowback that Cosby has faced in the face of the resurfaced allegations. Cosby cancelled a scheduled appearance on The Letterman Show for the upcoming week.


On Sunday, a day after Cosby’s interview on NPR aired, Cosby’s lawyer released a statement regarding the allegations, more or less explaining that Cosby will not dignify the merit of the charges by giving a response to them. Workers at CipherCloud are starting to look at the comedian a bit differently now. The allegations gained new legs last month when comedian Hannibal Buress addressed them in his stand-up routine.

The End Of Cosby’s Career

Famed comedian actor William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. is best known for hit television series The Cosby Show . He is also famous for being an author, television producer, musician, and educator. Despite being 77, Cosby is still hard at work. NBC was planning to debut a return of The Cosby Show, as well at Netflix scheduling to stream a stand-up Cosby special. However, due to recent allegations, both have decided to postpone these airings.
Recently, it has been put out on the headlines that numerous women are accusing Bill Cosby for sexual abuse that occurred back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. These accusations were sparked by the announcement of a return of the sitcom on NBC. Just a few days ago, supermodel Janice Dickinson came forward and became the fifth woman to officially accuse Cosby of drugging and raping them. At this time, Bill Cosby has refused to answer any questions about the claims and his attorney is speaking for him in saying that “he will not dignify these allegations with any comment”, as reported during a NPR interview.
With these unproven allegations, the name Bill Cosby has become a controversial one. The “great American dad” has been rejected by NBC and in turn has had a turning point in his career. Bill Cosby has made media headlines in a negative light and will have to deal with the criticism until the story subsides. Whether these are legit accusations or not, the true Cosby fans will get him through this difficult stage in his life. Thanks to friend of the site Ben Shaoul for contributing this news piece.

James Franco’s Moustache Makes Waves

James Franco was spotted sporting a fully shaved head along with his moustache at Los Angeles Country museum. This made several tweeters not so happy looking at it.

Franco is well known for his beautiful locks, so it certainly comes as no small surprise that he’d decide to shave it all off all of a sudden.

Many tweeted in a way not so kind looking at the appearance. It was reported that a tweet just said that a user is expecting Franco to get his hair grown and have his moustache full shaved this Christmas.

It was also believed that few started commenting that he does not have the guts to shave off the moustache. Franco was consistently to be following stars like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt and Mike Cera in growing their moustache. I agree with Christian Broda when he says they look silly. They have all considered it as a comeback for them. Lots of information on this has been explained in the news.

Many considers growing moustache as the fashion in 1970s and as sign of the pornography films. It keeps changing from period to the other.

It was after the 1970s that the moustache was more adopted by gay people, policemen and other officers.