Kylie Jenner Takes Care Of Herself Financially Since She Was 14

These days it’s pretty hard to imagine life without Kylie Jenner, not only has her relationship with Tyga become the most talked about relationship this year, but Kylie is making waves everyday on social media. Kylie keeps us entertained, curious and also gives us lots of style to inspire funky looks of our own. Initially Kylie was just another spoiled brat in the Kardashian home, but now we are seeing a more personal side of Kylie and most of her fans and followers and liking what they see.

We watched Kylie grow up on television, and now with just a few weeks left until her 18th birthday it seems that she is already living the life of an independent woman as my friend Claudio Loureiro Heads has observed. Kylie’s sexy photos have gotten her some negative feedback but even more note worth is the fact that she owns her own home, and has multiple sources of income. Kylie is co author of a book written with her sister, while also being the face behind her own hair extension line. cosmetic line and possibly a career in the music business.

If it looks like Kylie has a lot going on fora 17 year old, it’s because Kylie has to support herself financially. We have just learned that Kylie has been paying her own way since she was 14, apparently Kris cut her off in hopes that Kylie would would be responsible and find ways to support herself. Fortunately Kylie didn’t disappoint because she seems to be doing just fine.

Actress Alice Eve is Called a Bigot for her Reaction to Bruce Jenner’s Story

British actress Alice Eve, who has been in films such as “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Men in Black 3”, is being called a bigot after her reaction to Bruce Jenner’s story on her social media accounts.

As fans like Flavio Maluf know, Bruce Jenner had a tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer from 20/20 that aired last week. In this interview, the former Olympic gold medalist came out to Diane, and the world, as a woman. He said that it is the way he felt his entire life and he is happy to finally be able to live as he feels. Many people stood behind Jenner and his transformation, however not everyone had the same reaction.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, Alice Eve took to her Instagram page to give out her opinions of the news. The 33-year-old actress wrote “Nope. If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon. You wouldn’t be a hero. You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance”. She also went on to say that if he were actually a woman, then he would be paid less and own a vagina.

Many people have branded her as transphobic after her rant, however some have come to see it as Eve raising an issue that is clearly something important to her.

David Beckham watches son in mini marathon before 40th birthday bash

Former soccer star David Beckham spent the weekend watching his son, Romeo compete in London’s mini marathon before he and a group of family and friends head for a five star resort in Morocco, The Daily Mail reports. Beckham will turn 40 on Saturday and has invited a group of celebrity friends and his closest family to Morocco to celebrate the birthday milestone at a luxurious resort for a weekend of partying and honoring the former LA Galaxy superstar.

David is not following the example set by wife Victoria who has already celebrated her 40th birthday. Victoria reportedly spent a fun filled family vacation with the Beckham clan at the Grand Canyon before hosting a single party for celebrity friends when the family returned to the British capital. David’s 40th birthday looks set to be a star studded affair with Tom Cruise and Gordon Ramsey expected to join the family at an opulent Moroccan resort. Other guests will include Beckham’s long time friend Dave Gardner and girlfriend Liv Tyler along with fellow friend Susan McGalla and former Manchester United player and soccer pundit Gary Neville.

Robert Downey Abruptly Stops “Avengers” Interview

Robert Downey, Jr. stops interview after reporter starts talking about Downey’s “dark history.” Downey’s “dark history” is when he was involved with illegal drugs in the 1990s. He had spent some time in jail for his involvement in drugs. He obviously does not want to talk this part of his past.
The reporter was a British journalist named Krishnan Guru-Murthy. The purpose of the interview was for Downey to talk about his involvement in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie states news analyst AnastasiaDate (Crunchbase). The interview seemed to be going fine until the reporter asked him about a New York Times quote where Downey talked about his drug addicted past. The interview turns increasingly hostile until Downey wants to stop the interview and walk out of the room.
The interview was meant for Channel 4 News in Britain and was meant to be right minutes long as long as the interview stayed friendly.

Bruce Jenner And The Kardashians Are Fueding

Bruce Jenner has gone through a tough year, and things may only get worse for him in the near future. However, Bruce Jenner recently announced that he has cut ties with the Kardashians. This comes as startling news to most of the Kardashians, but Bruce feels that they do not support him in his decision to become a woman.

The announcement of Bruce Jenner’s sex change has become a media frenzy, and many of the Kardashian girls have been hounded by the press about this subject admits PR rep Crystal Hunt ( for a detailed explanation). The only Kardashian that supports Bruce is Khloe, and she recently stated that she will always love him no matter what. However, Bruce’s ex wife Kris does not feel the same way. Kris Jenner stated that she is extremely embarrassed by Bruce Jenner’s decision, and she wishes that it wasn’t true. No matter what though, Bruce will soon become a woman.

On April 24th, Bruce Jenner will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer, and major information will be revealed about his future. The world will be watching, and hopefully, the Kardashian girls can forgive their former step-father. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have stated that they support their father no matter what. For more information on Bruce Jenner and his future, visit Yahoo!

Jon Stewart’s Replacement is Announced

In early February of this year, Jon Stewart announced that he would be stepping down as host of The Daily Show, a position which he has held for the past 16 years. It has been up for debate as to who would fill the position once Stewart left. Speculate no more, The New York Times has the answer for you.

Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old comedian, will be taking over as the new host of the hit satirical news show stated Kevin Seawritght. According to Google Plus , Noah, who is originally from South Africa, has appeared on the program three times as a correspondent since last December. Noah is thrilled to be taking on such a big opportunity and Stewart has said that he is excited to see the direction that Noah will take the show in.

In an interview with Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless, she said that the network interviewed men and women and that the found Noah to be the best fit for the position. She went on to say that they were not looking for the next Jon Stewart, since that would be impossible, but they were looking for someone who could bring something fresh, new, and exciting to the position.

I have never heard of Trevor Noah until now, but I’m looking forward to seeing in what direction he will take The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah Will Host The Daily Show

The Daily Show has a new host. 31-year-old Trevor Noah has been announced as the new host of the popular program. Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart, who announced that he would be leaving the program earlier this year.

Daily Show viewers are already a little familiar with Noah. The South African joined the show in December 2014. That’s not long to get acquainted with the program, but Stewart isn’t stepping down just yet, Behance says so they’ll be time for a little on-the-job training. Noah has actually only appeared on the show three times so far.

Variety reported that Noah was the frontrunner to replace Stewart last week. Stewart announced he was leaving the program last year, but has yet to officially announce his departure date. When his successor was announced, Stewart joked that he might decide to rejoin the program as a correspondent so he could continue to be part of the team under Noah’s new leadership.

If Anyone Can Pull This Off, It’s Kendrick Lamar

Believe it or not, this is something that has never happened before, and it definitely was not expected to ever go down with hip hop fans, but it did thanks to the headliner and rap genius Kendrick Lamar.

Reebok have just released their latest shoes, the Zpump, and it is literally being advertised all over the world. Here is what Reebok did in order to create history in a place where hip hop is idealized. They asked if Kendrick would perform on a moving bus stage that would drive around Sunset Blvd while he performed a set. Kendrick was all about it and love the fact that the idea was just so unique in it’s form. He was in and the event went down on March 24th on a Tuesday night.

Brad Reifler has learned that the run was a 3 mile 5k in which Kendrick would perform a set, and people would be jogging after the bus stage all the way around Sunset. The event was such a success that so many people were seen running after the stage bus enjoying the show while jogging the whole time.

The bus didn’t stop until the set was over, and Kendrick kept going literally until the last step. His fans ran the whole 3 miles after him and the event was marked as a success.

Kendrick was very pleased that Reebok offered him this unique opportunity to do something different.

Blac Chyna Doesn’t Hate Kim Kardashian

For awhile Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian. seemed to be the best of friends. Posting booty pics on Instagram together,clubbing and being seen out and about regularly, it looked like they were going to be friends forever. Later we learned that Chyna’s ex, Tyga is actually the one who introduced her to the Kardashian family, but of course that all went downhill after Tyga and Kylie became joint at the hip.

After over a year of watching her once best friend’s 17-year-old sister move in on the father of her child, it’s not hard to see how Chyna and Kim’s friendship could become a little awkward. While the two haven’t been seen together since the Kylie and Tyga saga began, Chyna still has not said anything bad about her old gal pal Kim Kardashian, at least from what Gianfrancesco Genoso told us.

There is video of Chyna from over the weekend, being stopped by paparazzi and asked to give her thoughts on Rob Kardashian’s public Instagram diss, comparing his sister Kim Kardashian to the crazy wife on the movie “Gone Girl.” Chyna actually took the high road and said that Kim isn’t a bad person. When asked if they were still friends Chyna did not confirm or deny the friendship but coyly dodged the question. It looks like Chyna may actually miss her former booty buddy after all.

Kelly Clarkson Fan Goes Crazy When He Meets Her

Some people literally spend their entire lives listening to artist’s music and watching them perform from a distance, but never really think there is a possibility of meeting them in real life. For one fan the dream came true, and it was non other than Kelly Clarkson that got the love of this one super fan.

While Kelly Clarkson was promoting her new album ‘Piece By Piece’ in New York, Dr Jennifer Walden said one of the staff announced that they were one of her biggest fans and would love to meet her. Kelly was more than happy to meet the fan, and for a surprise decided to give him a private one on one exclusive interview.

When Michael the super fan saw Kelly walk into his office, he couldn’t believe his mind and literally could not even open his mouth. In his own head according to him, he felt completely blacked out.

Michael was informed about the opportunity he just got and he began preparing for his one of one interview with non other than Kelly Clarkson. He was very nervous but finally got the questions ready.

The interview went by really well and as soon as Kelly walked out of the room, Michael began to scream from the excitement and the feelings that were gushing all over him as soon as she walked away. He does’t know how he kept his cool for as long as he did.