How Did Guilherme Paulus Grow To Be An International Entrepreneur?

Life as an entrepreneur in Brazil is difficult because of high taxes, top-heavy bureaucracy, and lack of venture capital. Although being an entrepreneur in Brazil is rewarding, it comes with a lot of challenges that one must overcome to be successful. To be a successful entrepreneur in any market, one needs to identify the needs of the industry and introducing innovative and unique products and services to address them just like Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is considered as an international entrepreneur. He runs GJP Resort and Hotels, a brand of resorts and hotels located in various parts of the country. In addition, he is the co-founder and chairman of CVC, one of the best tour operators in the country. Through Paulus’s efforts, the CVC has managed to have international recognition. The drive and ambition of Paulus are complemented through his attitude of serving the community. Below are reasons as to how Guilherme Paulus became a successful investor.

First, he has an unprecedented vision of tourism in the country. For example, Mr. Paulus placed CVC outlet at the broad street of Santo André which attracted many moviegoers. His goal was to increase adventure, exploration, and fantasy in the tourism sector. He changed the vision of the Brazilian tourism industry through his vision.

Second, Guilherme Paulus made CVC go public by selling 63% to the public and retaining 27%. This helped him to raise more funds to help the company expand to other areas of the country. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest tourism company in Latin America and Brazil with over $5.2 billion in sales per year.

Third, Guilherme Paulus believes that for one to be successful, he or she needs to stay connected with his or her business and clients. Mr. Paulus often travel to different areas of the country and even outside the country to talk with the clients of the company.

In addition, Guilherme believes in partnerships, and this is why he has partnered with various businesses such as airlines, hotels, cruise ships and other specialty groups in the tourism industry.

Southridge Capital and Steven Hicks

Southridge Capital is an a company that deals structured and advisory finance for public firms. The company concentrates on assisting its diverse group of customers in meeting their needs by offering a complete range of innovative financial solutions. Southridge Capital is proud of its executive team which has a vast knowledge as well as an instinctive and profound understanding of the marketplace. In addition to this, the company’s team of professionals is well versed when it comes to curating and unfailingly timeless execution of financial plans for its clients.

Since 1996, the company has supported the growth of companies across the world with a total of $1.8 billion. Southridge has financed more than 250 public firms, and the company is aware of the challenges that growing companies experience. The team of experts has the expertise and skills to consult on central corporate issues beginning with becoming a public firm to individualized techniques of financing to the management of optimized balance sheet.

Southridge Capital offers such services under the advisory umbrella which transverse all the bases. These services include the fiscal analysis which includes the firm creating highly comprehensive, estimated statements of finance that are aligned with the operational and financial assumptions. The company also provides balance sheet optimization which helps firms to keep a proper balance between debt and equity as well as access to channels that will bring about desired outcomes. Check out for more.


Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and the Chief Executive officer of Southridge Capital. Steven is the one who is responsible for all the strategic direction for all the companies under Southridge Capital. In addition to this, Hicks is also responsible for the development and execution of business within the company. Steve established Southridge in 1996. He has been very active in the investment world for over 30 years. Moreover, Hicks has a vast experience when it comes to derivatives, investment banking, financial structuring, and risk arbitrage. Hicks went to New York’s King’s College in Briarcliff Manor where he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He later joined New York City’s Fordham University where he received his MBA. Steve is currently excited about pot and cryptocurrency.



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Guilherme Paulus: The Making Of An Industry Titan

At the age of 24 in 1972 Guilherme Paulus began CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. At the time this young man had just left Cara Faro where he was employed as an airfare salesman. He had spotted an opportunity in the travel agency field and was willing to put his all into it. Today, many years later as CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A runs the biggest tour and travel company in Brazil. The company was recently listed on the stock market after a private equity firm Carlyle bought a controlling stake in 2009. The humble beginnings of Guilherme Paulus did not hinder his dream from materializing even though the odds were stacked against him. At one point he almost folded up his venture after the government introduced withholding taxes that seriously dented his capital. At that point, Mercedes would come to his rescue be it unknowingly. Their executives had heard about his tour company and had planned one for their employees.

During this tour, Guilherme Paulus was lucky enough to interact with executives who offered him a lot of advice on how to run his venture and where they though opportunities lay. In the coming days, he developed proposals for the numerous organizations that span Brazil. This would turn out to be untapped reserves business started picking up, and soon enough CVC was experiencing phenomenal growth. Guilherme Paulus ensured that his company was constantly innovating as that was the only way to keep growing. He was among the first people to dock a cruise ship in Brazil, which provided a new niche for CVC.

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He also invested in a lot of online marketing at a time when not many businesses understood the concept. The portal provides relevant information about his tour company and what Brazil had to offer for those wishing to visit the country. This would prove to be a hit and even as Brazil’s Tourism began to grow significantly, he was able to tap into a larger part of the growth as he was already prepared for the same. In the following years, he would establish GJP a network of hotels, which would complement his tour venture. This was a strategic decision for Guilherme as he understood the increased inflow of tourist came with a larger demand for accommodation. The network today runs more than nineteen hotels located all over Brazil and continues to expand.

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Ryan Seacrest Making A Difference In People’s Life

Ryan John Seacrest life started on December 24, 1974. In his career path, there is a lot that he has been able to achieve like being the radio personality and producer. He gained the reputation he has because he hosted the American top 40 countdowns. Things took a turn when he hosted the American Idol, and that is on 2002. Soon after that Seacrest took over international events in giving his services as the news anchor of E television network. He signed a deal with Today show and other programs so that he would appear in the shows and that took place in 2012. That did not take long because in 2013, he became the host of Million Second Quiz show that was concerned with gaming and he became the co-host of the live show with Kelly and Ryan show that is in 2017.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an organization that is nonprofit. The mission that Ryan Seacrest Foundation has is they will be able to inspire the youths by use of entertainment and initiatives that focus on education. The first initiative that the TV producer‘s foundation have is that they will build media centers, which will be named Seacrest Studios, around the pediatric hospitals so that the patients will be able to explore the realms that will be there in television, media, and radio. The goal that they have is that they will positively contribute to the healing process of the children and families during their stay at the hospital in bring an uplifting spirit to the hospital.

We believe that the multimedia experience will be able to excite and stimulate other adventures that will give courage to the patients in the cause of treatment. It’s vital that to us to reach out to the community and get the students involved in the journalism school by giving them the chance of gaining the experience that they need in the broadcasting and how to operate the media center. Over the last eight years, Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been in service, they have been able to open ten media centers.

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Julia Jackson and Wine GO Well Together

Since she was a young child, Julia Jackson, the offspring of Barbara Banks and Jess Jackson,, has always been associated with wine.

In her childhood, she was encircled by people that had wineries and created wine. One of her favorite recollections was her father taking her and her friends to a winery to harvest grapes. While they worked, he would teach them the worth of working hard. She thought her father made it clear what it took to achieve success and learn more about Julia Jackson.

To help prepare herself for success, she got a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College. She also got a summer certificate at Stanford Busnne School.

Her practical experience was going to France and making connections with winemakers with the help of a French-speaking friend. She went to Bordeaux and learned about all aspects of the French wine making process. She learned French language and culture as well and more information click here.

Today, she is an important element of the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines.

One of the wines that she has to sell is Champ de Rêves’ Pinot Noir. It is considered to be a deep, aromatic wine. The wine comes from the Jackson family’s association with winemaker Eric Johannsen.

She is very busy, but she has made time for herself to involve herself in a non-profit program. With the help of Cambria Wines, she runs a program called Seeds of Empowerment. The main goal of this program is to celebrate women leaders and charitable organizations. She wants to help create the women leaders of tomorrow .

How Mike Baur Has Succeeded In The Banking And Startup Industries

Mike Baur is a leader in the Swiss startup community. He spent 14 years in the banking industry before deciding to switch gears and instead help people build new companies focused on providing digital products to consumers. He is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory AG and is the company’s Executive Chairman.

Growing up with a strong interest in banking, Mike Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. In 2007 he continued on with his education, earning both a Master of Business Administration at the University of Rochester and an Executive Master of Business Administration at University Bern in 2008.

Mike Baur started his professional career in 2000 when he joined UBS Wealth Management in Zurich, Switzerland. After working for UBS for 8 years he advanced his career in 2008 when he became the Business Area Head of Private Banking at Clariden Leu. In 2012 he earned the role of Head of Private Banking at Sallfort Privatbank AG. It was shortly into this role that he decided a change of career was in order as he had lost his passion for banking.

In addition to Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has founded other companies. He is the owner of Think Reloaded AG, a company he established in April 2014 shortly after leaving Sallfort. He is also a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association which advocates for a better framework in Switzerland that makes it easier to start a company. They want changes in the tax, regulatory, and legal areas so that entrepreneurs are freer to innovate. Mike Baur is also the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest which helps both early and late stage startups.

Swiss Startup Factory is a company which focuses on helping early stage digital startups. Mike Baur and his team offer a 3-month startup accelerator program which helps new businesses quickly get off the ground. He has developed a network of other entrepreneurs so that they also can provide mentoring and coaching to new entrepreneurs. Additionally, he has established another network of venture capitalists who get pitched ideas by the digital entrepreneurs looking to have their new businesses invested in. Swiss Startup Factory also offers business services and office space to their client digital entrepreneurs.



Jason Hope: Mentor, Philanthropist and Futurist

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and a commentator on contemporary technology trends, is raving about the promise of the Internet of Things. What is the Internet of Things? There term “Internet of Things” makes reference to the idea of various types of technology connecting with each other and syncing up. When people think of “going online,” they think of using their computers, phones and tablets. However, the Internet of Things includes other objects that we see and use on a daily basis, such as kitchen appliances, electronic devices, streetlights and cars. By connecting with each other and communicating information, objects can react to fix certain situations or alert us to certain situations.

The Internet of Things is positive because it has the potential to eliminate waste and to keep us safer. It can be used to improve road conditions, as well as conditions for vehicles in the sky. In rural areas, the Internet of Things can help to track down automobiles that have suffered collisions in sparsely populated places.Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and self pro-claimed futurist. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from the Arizona State University, as well as an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business in Arizona State University. He is a director at Arizona Science Center.

As his career began, Jason Hope created a company that focused on mobile communications. He currently focuses on biotechnology, investing in startups and philanthropy.Jason Hope supports various organizations that are working to better the quality and length of people’s lives. He has been passionate about the work being done at the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is working on pursuits having to do with anti-aging. Jason Hope also spends his time developing grant programs for entrepreneurs and mentoring high school students around Scottsdale.Learn More.

Jim Tananbaum: A Renowned Healthcare Investor

If you need to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your health care, it will all depend on the changes in the health care industry. While doctors are clearly at the forefront of these sorts of changes, investors are also critically important when it comes to advancements in the industry. One professional who has brought serious business capital into the medical industry is Jim Tananbaum. To learn a little bit more about who he is and what sort of moves are in the works, read on.

A glimpse at Jim Tananbaum’s track record

To be certain that a person is who they say they are — success leaves clues. In this regard, Jim Tananbaum is one of the best and most educated investors. All three of his degrees are from the most prestigious universities. His undergrad degree was from Yale and his graduate degrees are from Harvard.

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in the year 2011 and the company has been on the uprise ever since. As an entrepreneur, he said that he has taken a number of calculated risks and continuously works diligently to find the best potential in the market.

What is a major product that Foresite Capital has in the works?

This company is working on an implant for type II diabetes. The implant is supposed to work similarly to birth control, in terms of how it is installed for the patient. Jim Tananbaum says that this product will take the market by storm and will be the go to treatment in years to come. In addition to his own investments, Jim Tananbaum has been renowned as an entrepreneur who inspires others. He stresses that we will always need more entrepreneurs and that people need to continuously hone their ideas and turn them into great businesses. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is a person who loves to jot down his own ideas – as he recently purchased the paid version of Evernote in order to get them all down. Consider this information in order to learn more about this company and these potential treatments.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Incredible Investment Tips

An investment bank is a banking segment that provides financial-related services ranging from capital creation, underwriting new debts, and serving as an intermediary in the issuance of securities. Investment banks also assist companies involved in the reorganization, acquisitions, and mergers. They also provide ancillary services such as equity securities, market making, and trading derivatives.

Unlike the retail banking sector, investment banking does not accept cash deposits. The two entities were separated upon the approval of Glass-Steagall Act of 1993. Since 1993, the United States maintains a separation between retail and investment banking. Nevertheless, some industrialized countries such as G7 have not maintained such separation. As part of Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, the United States asserts institutional separation between retail and investment banking.

Structures of Investment Banking

Investment banking may be split into the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves the promotion of securities and exchange of stock with cash or other securities. Conversely, the buy side provides investment advice to institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Some of the entities on the buy side include hedge funds, life insurance, equity funds, and unit trusts.

Furthermore, investment banking may be subdivided into the public and private segments. The public section deals with publicly disclosed information such as stock analysis while the private sector deals with insider information. The United States requires all investment advisers to be licensed as broker-dealers. They must also subject to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and comply with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority regulations.

Martin Lustgarten

As the economy recovers from the Great Recession, most Americans now focus on their retirement plans. During the recession, pension scheme seemed like a dream, but incredible investment bankers such as Martin Lustgarten make it a reality. While most people consider retirement plan as an important aspect of life, they require support to achieve it. Martin Lustgarten is among the world’s most intelligent investment bankers with a significant impact on the success of his clients.

As a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, Martin leverages his dual citizenship to extend his addressable market. Over the years, Martin has spread his wealth across countries to reduce the expected risk while maximizing profits. Additionally, he leverages his ability to navigate market shifts to act before the market makes a downturn.


Don Ressler Finds A Market Gap

Don Ressler is someone who always keeps an eye open for opportunities. Don Ressler has always been involved with the provision of products that customers want. he is also someone who makes sure that the market that he works in has something that is new. One of the most important aspects of business success is being able to find a gap in the market. In other words, one needs to find a need that is not being met and look for ways to provide that need. That way, the person will make a lot of profits off of what he is providing.

Don Ressler has partnered with a few other people in order to establish TechStyle. He has helped with the establishment of this company so that he could provide some influence to the fashion world. For one thing, it is important for there to be an influence in any market so that it could move forward. Fashion is no exception. In fact, people need fashion so that they could dress in clothes that look and feel great. People will also feel like they are worthwhile as individuals. One of the best ways to feel good is to dress in ways that are unique but classy.

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One thing that Don Ressler has done was look at the sportswear category of clothing. He has found a gap in that area and has decided that he wants to address it. One thing that is frustrating for people that take an interest in fashion is to look at different clothes only to find that there is barely anything unique being provided to people. While one can just lament on the fact that there is nothing unique, the other option is to work towards providing the solution. Don Ressler has provided it and this resulted in Fabletics.

Fabletics provides people with stylish athletic clothing. This not only helps people look and feel better, but also enhances performance. Recently, the news is that Fabletics is all inclusive. Don Ressler’s response is that all people deserve to dress in clothes that look good and make them feel good about themselves.

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