How Neuroscore Applies Neurotherapy to Cure Brain Disorders

The human brain is the source of emotions, behaviors, perceptions, and thoughts and contains billions of microscopic neurons. These neurons regulate electricity activity in the brain using chemical signs thus helping us to function, feel, think and process complex information. However, scientists and researchers continue to uncover more information concerning the brain. They use brain mapping, neuro feedback, and EEG technology to understand more about the brain. EEG or an Electroencephalogram involves detecting the electrical activities in the brain by the application of non-invasive metals. Neurocore is one of the companies that use such technology to solve problems like anxiety, depression, ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder, and ASD, Anti Septal Defect, a heart defect. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore applies the EEG technology to diagnose depression and treat it through Neurotherapy. It’s a process of teaching the brain to self-regulate by using the electrical measurements of the electric waves in the brain. The brain eliminates undesirable activities and performs efficiently through practice, positive reinforcement, and repetition of neurotherapy. The depression patients under Neurocore use neurofeedback or neurotherapy to lower the symptoms of depression and sometimes end up ending the condition altogether. Neurocore performs quantitative EEG brainwave mapping using the ASEBA, Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment DSB-Oriented Depressive Problems Scale to measure depression symptoms.


ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder is another problem that Neurocore tackles using neurology procedure. The disorder is common in children and can proceed in adulthood. The problem may be hereditary and comes in various symptoms including learning disability, poor vision, anxiety, and lack of sleep. The mental professionals in the company apply the qEEG technology to study the victim’s brainwave activity and find out the cause of ADHD associated behaviors. Neurocore Brain Performance centers started operation in 2004 and specialize in providing brain-based assessments and training to individuals. The company applies the EEG and qEEG technologies to help patients manage stress, overcome stress disorders, and improve mental performance. The company is the national neuroscience authority based in Florida and Michigan with eight public brain performance centers. It’s one of the successful companies with an abridged history of applying Neurotherapy to cure brain disorders. Athletes currently embrace the technology as part of their training programs, and it improves their performance. Visit to know more about Neurocore.