Talkspace Creates Text Therapy Movement

Technology is changing, and people are using apps for just about everything these days. Gone are the days where people are utilizing an abundant number of minutes to talk with friends and family. Most people that keep in contact these days are doing so by texting. This is what many people use to stay in touch, and this is also how one app is bringing about the opportunity for people to engage in therapy. This app is called Talkspace, and it provides people with the opportunity to connect on a better level with therapists that are going to give them counseling through texting.

Alicia Winkle is one of more than a hundred therapists for Talkspace that are licensed to provide this type of consultation for those that are in need. There are so many different things that people deal with on a regular basis and therapy is the solution to many of these problems. Alicia found herself dealing with anxiety at one time, and today this is something that she helps other people cope with. She realizes the importance of what she is doing, and she makes great effort to help people get to a better healing place. She appreciates all of the clients that will come back to thank her for the work that she has done.

Many people are really embracing this concept because it helps them deal with serious mental health issues that may be going on. Everyone may not always realize that they have an issue in the beginning, but it definitely becomes much easier to cope with the issue once a diagnosis is made. This is why people are signing up for Talkspace. They want to know how to deal with people that are depressed. They want to know how to deal with behavior issues.