Jeunesse Global Leading Firm in Cosmetics

The organization was founded by two influential entrepreneurs Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The firm is global. It’s a leading firm in cosmetics and nutritional supplements in the United States. Jeunesse manufactures youth enhancement products and nutritional supplements that primarily deals with body weight. The organization has a well-established online platform where it sells their already prepared items. Jeunesse Company focuses on telomere support, DNA repair, adult stem cell science and fat reduction technology. The institution remains steadfast in ensuring that they do research and try to innovate new products that will satisfy the consumers.


Jeunesse is based in New York. Its products are manufactured and packaged in the United States. The company sells the products to the distributors who in turn sell and distribute them to other places around the world. The company mainly uses the distributors and practical means as the mode of marketing their products. The company is operational in over 100 countries. They have over 32 offices from where their employees execute their daily activities. Jeunesse has a multilingual customer desk. This desk was established to handle and care for all consumers around the world. Additionally, they have a backup team, an -in-house programming and a global enrollment system.


Jeunesse has so far developed plenty of products. In their list is the Luminesce night repair. From the name, the product is only applied at night when the user is going to sleep. The cream reacts optimally when the user is asleep. The Luminesce repair gives the skin the opportunity to self –repair itself. Useful antioxidants are included in the cream that offers protection to the skin membranes. It prevents the skin from any radical damage.


Luminesce advanced night repair profoundly rejuvenates the skin at night. It offers a rested cool effect appearance that is utterly moisturized. Its ingredients include vitamins and antioxidants that are perfectly blended with a Jeunesse taste. The organization is well established in the field of cosmetics. Right now, the company has over ten years’ experience in delivering youthful enhancement products. Its primary aim is to empower individuals to correctly reach their potential, improve their lives and also ensure that they enjoy living.

Lime Crime Launches Unicorn Hair Dye In Thirteen Dreamy Shades

Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere has done it again. The wild and whimsical cosmetics brand has launched a series of semi-permanent hair dyes in bold pastel shades. The “Unicorn Hair” series consists of thirteen unconventional shades that are sure to turn heads.


According to Deere, the line of dyes has been carefully tested and tweaked for three years. Deere is known for being extremely hands-on when it comes to formulating each Lime Crime product. Having donned various extraordinary shades of pastel hair herself for the last several years, it’s only natural that her brand would eventually come up with its own unique take on the pastel hair trend. Like all Lime Crime products, the “Unicorn Hair” dyes come in gorgeous shades that could have only been plucked from Deere’s colorful and vivid imagination. Shades vary from a dreamy muted blue called “Blue Smoke” to the perfect neon pastel pink called “Bunny” that puts every other pink hair dye in its place.


One exciting feature of the line is that each shade is available as either a tint or a full coverage dye. Tints are ideal for light blonde hair while the full coverage dyes provide a deeper and richer hue on most lighter shades of hair. Both types of dye last for about ten washes.


Lime Crime is known for its beautiful packaging which is almost as exciting as the products themselves. The dyes come in pastel pink plastic jars with silver iridescent text.


Like all Lime Crime products, the “Unicorn Hair” dyes are completely vegan and cruelty-free. The dyes have a vegetable glycerin base which deeply moisturizes hair. This conditioning formula won’t damage or dry out hair like many other dyes that are on the market. Best of all, each jar of hair dye is only $16.



About Lime Crime


Since 2008, Lime Crime has been developing cosmetics for those who like to have fun with their makeup. The Lime Crime customer loves to fearlessly express herself and isn’t afraid of getting some attention. With a commitment to creating high-quality formulas, every Lime Crime product is extremely pigmented and comes in shades that aren’t available anywhere else.