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In January 2017 the Mayor of Philadelphia; Jimmy Kenny put his signature to the new law which will mean a whole new life to the workers in Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia entered into history of becoming the first City in the United States to prevent private employers from inquiring previous salary statements from job applicants. The process was not without legal challenges, as the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce department challenged the process as unconstitutional. Below is how the court process was carried out and why it was carried out in that manner.

The Law’s explanation
According to the Human resource experts, it was clear that the law legislators made the law in order to bring employment equality between the male and the female in Pennsylvania. To come out with the required effect the law makers came up with various rules which bury employers from including;
• Punishing individuals who refused to disclose their salaries.
• Asking job applicants to share their previous salaries.
• Employers acquiring job applicants’ salaries without the candidate’s knowledge.


Who is affected?
According to the observers; the new employment rules will not only affected those residing in Philadelphia but also those conducting business with Philadelphians including the third party.

He is a successful litigator and attorney located in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck is known to be a top researcher, representative, interrogator, as well as the ability to interpret law terms. Mr. Karl Heideck is a litigation lawyer who has gone through the law school as well for three years the four years of college. After the law school and the college, the candidate will go through a test as well as a bar examination.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and he graduated with a bachelor’s of Arts in 2003. After his graduation; in 2006 he went to further his education at Temple university-James E. Beasley School of Law and he graduated with Juris Doctor in 2009. Karl Heideck has been practicing law as a litigator for more than seven years after receiving his license to practice law. Throughout his career he has been able to gain more skills and experience dealing with cases ranging from commercial and civil litigation, employment law, mediation, legal writing, corporate law, trials as well as appeals.

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Karl Heideck, The Exceptional Litigator

Karl Heideck is a knowledgeable litigator located in Jenkintown within the Philadelphia Area. He has been practicing law for over a decade now.

Karl Heideck also holds a Law degree from Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Karl Heideck, The Exceptional LitigatorLitigation is a legal term defining the process of defending or enforcing the law between two opposing parties. A litigator like Karl Heideck is a licensed lawyer who helps clients in legal despite resolution. Litigation is a series of steps aimed at resolving the feud between the two opposing parties. It is a lengthy process that may lead up to weeks, months or even years.

The first step is the filing of a complaint and answering a complaint. It describes the disputed issue and outlines the legal claims of the plaintiff. The defendant provides a response to the court, and this is the answer.

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The second step is pleadings; this refers to all written legal documents presented to the court. The pleading followed by the discovery which is often the longest part of litigation. It involves the gathering of evidence and documents relevant to the case.

The settlement conference is the fourth step. It is when the disputing parties meet before the judge with or without their lawyers. The trial is the next step; it may be before a jury or be decided by a judge. A party who isn’t pleased with the outcome of the trial may appeal to a higher court. The appellate judge may issue a new verdict if an error is found or send the case back to court.

For a person to become a litigator, he/she must hold a degree, a Doctor of Jurisprudence and pass the bar exam.

Karl Heideck not only understands the litigation process but also bears skills in corporate law, commercial litigation, legal research and legal writing. He works as a contract attorney who specializes in compliance practices and risk management. Karl Heideck is a litigator that cares for his client and listens to them.